Our Creator

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At the end of a dark night, dawn but always breaks open. Throughout the journey of life, we get lost within all the obstacles of life. As these obstacles keep coming our way and never-ending struggles continue, remember not to get lost within these obstacles and be positive. A glimpse of hope is always out there. Know even amongst the tears after the dark clouds, the sun is always out there. Hold onto the hands of The Creator and know our Creator is always there. Even when we are so lonely the creator is but watching and all of these teardrops are landing onto the hands of our Creator. I know when the rain falls upon me, it’s but heavenly water cleansing my soul. When the wind blows, it is but my Creator watching over me. I know even when all but is lost, The Creator even then is always watching over us, all of us, you and me. Know this and please smile for we have nothing to worry about, for all of this is just but a journey of life guided always silently by our Creator. For our Creator, I have written a prayer book, Spiritual Songs: Letters From My Chest.

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