With Hope and Preservance

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Life’s eternal blessing for me was my spiritual awakening. I realized as doors kept on closing, to bring faith back into my life and as always like the sun peeking through the dark skies, I found hope. With hope and perseverance, I knew the doors open up as we must choose which door to open. Never give up even when all you see is darkness, for it is then please remember the words from this unknown friend and know The Creator is always there. For it is always we the creation that go missing. The Creator always is, was, and shall always be. Inspire yourselves through hope and spirituality. Awaken the meditative mind, body, and soul through meditation. Let go of all negativity as you hold onto all race, color, and religion, stand up with me and say in union, we are all but the creation of The Creator, there is nothing to fear for even when all but ends, we are all one in union, the creation of The Creator. Spread peace, be in peace.

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