Spring Flowers

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Spring is the time to rejuvenate the soul. After a long, dark, cold winter’s night, finally life brings back into the daylight the reasons for life. I walked in my garden today to be surprised. Even after a hard winter, all my flowers are blooming back to life. I realize how much we, the humans, have in common with Mother Earth and all life. Everywhere, The Creator has kept sacred, hidden secrets for us the creation to learn from. We all come across the obstacles of life, but when you think there is no hope, a glimmer of hope appears from beneath the skies. I call my Heavens above and Earth beneath have all the secrets of life. May we the creation only know of what is needed for us to complete this journey on Earth. May our love for our Creator keep all creation in a bond of love for eternity. My love for all on this beautiful Sunday morning from Seattle. You can get my books right here.

Spiritual Travelers: Life’s Journey From The Past To The Present For The Future

Spiritual Messages: From A Bottle

Spiritual Songs: Letters From My Chest

Spiritual Journey: Life’s Eternal Blessings

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