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“Words are painful so don’t throw them out and live to regret. Words are powerful too, so do use them as a gift.” A quotation from my book, Spiritual Travelers: Life’s Journey From The Past To The Present For The Future. Life is a journey through struggles and achievements. Live life with all as you accept all race, color, and religion as a friend not an enemy. Wake up spiritually first then all around you will be spiritual.

The world becomes a door to eternal bliss as we spread peace for peace. Today be the first one to be in peace as you spread peace. One world, one life, let’s complete this journey in peace as we become the reason for peace. Through the doors of time, may our peace travel time and the future generation find peace all around them. This is my dream for the future. May we live through peace even in the future throughout the peaceful hearts of all the creation
of The Creator. Blessings from Seattle.

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