Bridge Of Union

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A child’s innocent smile, brings joy and peace amongst all humans. The love for a child unites all race, color, and religion. Just look at the bridge of union the children create, as they hold hands and create the most beautiful rainbow around the universe. Join me and let’s be the peace that shall awaken all souls, and that even brings down the stone wall that divide all humans. Be the first to awaken spiritually and see how the air shall purify on her own as she spreads peace amongst all humans.

Say no to division even if you are the only one standing out as is it not the right thing to do? My prayer book is written for all race, color, and religion as she is my journey through life.

The prayer book only asks all of you to share her love with all as you too take a journey through life, this time for peace as you be in peace and spread peace. Blessings from Seattle.

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