Dreams Are Blessings From Within The Soul.

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Today I received a special gift from some of my close friends. They have framed and brought over one of my quotations, “Dreams are blessings from within the soul. Make them into reality as you travel through the journey of life” from one of my books of quotations, “Spiritual Journey: Life’s Eternal Blessings.” I broke down in tears as never had I known this day would come when my original quotations would be framed so nicely. Life is a sacred gift as it lands upon our doors as she brings with her, love, victory, and joy, along with loss, sorrows, and hardships. Don’t give up. Always keep the candles of hope burning for one day you shall see after all the struggles, you shall have, blessings of The Lord. “Glory Be To My Lord,” a title of a prayer from my Prayer Book.

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