A Sacred Bond

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Life is a miracle filled with so many blessings. I know for me personally it’s the miraculous door of hope that keeps me going. As dawn breaks through my life each morning, I enter this door of hope and awaken to all different obstacles and blessings.

Yesterday I awakened to yet another miracle. I was blessed to have my blog named as one of the top 75 Spiritual Blogs of 2018 by Feedspot.com. This is a blessing in itself, yet I saw my best friend, tears, enter through her favorite door – my eyes. My tears arrived unknown and unseen, yet have always been a friend throughout my life.

The gift for me was knowing that my words of inspiration have helped someone out there, somewhere in need of spiritual inspiration. My whole life, I have dedicated to this sacred journey of spiritual awakening. I have awakened myself first, and now I have taken this journey upon myself to awaken one and all.

Thank you everyone for the spiritual love and wisdom that you spread each and everyday as within this one world we only have each other. May we in union spread love, peace, and joy throughout this universe.

May my words be a sacred spiritual bond between all humans and humanity.

Blessings from Seattle,

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