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Knock, seek, and ask. Don’t let the truth befold upon you, but you can unfold the truth in front of you.

Befolded was the truth belayed upon the eyes of all. Believe and let the truth be unfolded within your eyes.

Love is a sacred gift found within one’s soul. Find the only other soul who knows its true value.

Time travelers don’t leave behind humanity as you move forward within advanced technology.

Hold on to the hands of the child within you for when you travel to your wisdom, it is then you need the child within you the most.

Awaken from within, for all the sacred blessings are but hidden within each sacred soul.

Life is a sacred blessing. Love each sacred soul throughout this universe to find this sacred blessing of life.

Believe in yourself and not what others want you to believe, for it is you who has to awaken and walk for yourself.

Blessings from Seattle,


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