On a very cold winter morning, I had an amazing dream in which I was standing within the foothills of a mountain and walked into a cottage with two huge ponds. I saw there was a beautiful rainbow and the Holy Spirit was standing on top of the mountain. Also standing next to me were the Holy Archangels. They smiled and showed me a very small cottage that felt like Heaven on Earth.

I never realized how this dream would come to be my reality as this was an amazing home.

Yet, life was so complicated I had just left this dream within my dreamland.

I always have faith within my dreams yet this cottage was so familiar I thought this house was a story book home, I had seen all throughout my life. I knew some dreams just come true yet some just wait for your patience and could take up to twenty two years, as I had explained within my book, “Spiritual Lighthouse: The Dream Diaries of Ann Marie Ruby.” Each dream has a hidden message linked to it. House dreams have a lot of meanings, always depending on each individual’s own journey of life.

I had awakened from this dream not realizing this dream would come to life within a very short period of time. I forgot about my dream as I had placed my house on the market and it sold within a very short period of time. Also, I had to move into a hotel as I never had time to look for a house or think where I should buy my next home.

I always know even though we do not have plans, somewhere within our souls we know what and where we must be.

I believe life takes us upon a path. Sometimes we agree and sometimes we disagree and make our own destiny. It is then we must learn to live with our own chosen destination. I am no different as I too have made my own choices and learned to live with them. I take all of life like a complete miracle.

At times, I have tearful, sleepless nights when I feel like the thunderstorm within my soul and the waterworks within my eyes are so much more powerful than even the thunderstorms Mother Nature has brewing for us outside.Through this journey of my life though, I found out miracles are always peaking through the thunderstorms of my life. My complete miracles are my dreams, within which I have been guided by the Holy Archangels and even by the past, the present, and the future.

This is yet another dream that would peak through the dark clouds and rise above the mountains and give me another hope to have complete faith within my dreams.

I won’t write about the details of my dream which I shall share in another blog post, yet I want you all to come with me as I take you on a tour to where and what my miracle dream has but given me. Like a miracle from the beyond, I have again come upon this house I but now call my home.

In the foothills of Mount Rainier an active volcano, 14,410 feet above sea level, previously known as Tahoma and Tacoma.

My home is also near the 720 acre wildlife park known as Northwest Track. Within this wildlife park, tourists enjoy the tram tour which goes through the park. One only knows how beautiful this world is as we share this Earth with all the wildlife.

Also next to a camping park known as Adler Lake, originally in the mid 1900 century was a thriving city which had completely disappeared as the floods of 1945 had wiped away the whole city.

Minutes to the Little Marshall Waterfall trail and the Pioneer Farm Museum and so much more, all of which are but within this beautiful small town known as Eatonville, Washington.

A city where all different types of homes including, farm houses, villas, cottages, and my log cottage awaken with fresh mountain air as she has her own ponds, orchards, and a house just right, not a marble palace, nor a museum nor a fancy complex but a cottage, a log cottage completely made out of Douglas Fir trees from her own property.

As I walked within the gates of this cottage, I realized life is a complete miracle. I had awakened spiritually and have lived a sacred spiritual life, yet now my life has brought me to this sacred country land where I feel like I just walked in through the doors of a spiritual mountain paradise to where I belong. The first time I saw her I had this feeling, where am I? How is it even possible to walk within my dream yet I am awake and in front of me I see the home I have seen within so many of my dreams.

The house is so different yet she feels so peaceful and protected.

My home, a small log cottage with her covered porches where I can see my rocking chairs, a book, and a blanket in the cold chilly nights. I felt the home had given me a blanket of pure spiritual awakening, I felt warm even within this cold chilly night.

Within this log cottage she has a huge stone fireplace which heats the entire home, where a wood burning stove cooks for all whom but enter, where a log cabana frames the beautiful stocked ponds. Where I have my own mountain views as I share my home with bobcats, coyotes, elk, deer, fish, birds, bears and all different wildlife.

The first time, I walked through the gates of my home and even within the town I had this strange feeling. I have entered within her the city, the town, the home where I belong.

I had walked through the mountain fogs within the mystical world of dreams, yet here I was walking within this mystery in awakening stage. The rain poured upon us as we entered within my mystical cottage. My real estate broker whispered, what is this I feel so divine, she said it’s just like you.

I had seen the house with her husband a real estate broker too, whom had come with me as we entered within a very white snow covered day. He had said this is amazingly peaceful, I can see you in here. I had seen this property a third time.

All of my friends and family kept on saying the “Spiritual Collection” as I call my books, were as if walking around the property.

I could see the Ark from my book “Spiritual Ark: The Enchanted Journey of Timeless Quotations,” within the beautiful serene pond. I could see the piano from my book “Spiritual Songs: Letters From My Chest” within the wildlife and the invisible piano from my book cover was sitting within the woods. All of my friends, as they entered told me, the lighthouse from my book “Spiritual Lighthouse: The Dream Diaries of Ann Marie Ruby” must be standing next to the pond next to the log cottage just like the book.

This was for me an amazing dream coming true as I had seen this house within my dreams and all of these pictures I but talk about are but floating within this twenty acre land of paradise.

As I entered my home, my feeling was peace, serenity and just divine.

Eatonville, a small town feeling still exists within her. Slowly now, all the small town cities are being torn down and redone with all the new modern amenities which is necessary as life moves on. Yet, my heart aches for a small town where the old and new merge yet keep the old alive. I had always felt as if I am but an old soul searching for my soul mate, my soul families, and this amazing cottage. I had book covers based on this home. Yet, I had never seen her and now she stands in front of me.

I feel like repeating my own quotations, I had stood in front of the house and told all of my friends, “Dreams are just that dreams, until you turn them into reality.”

I knew on this day in front of my awakened eyes, I see my dreams from years ago come to life. Therefore, I took a deep breath and knew whatever it takes I must make this my reality. The journey was hard yet I believe this house was given to me.

Eatonville is my spiritually found paradise as I found my charming cottage within this dreamland which is now my reality. Where the skies awaken with clear mountain joy, the green grass is walked upon by humans and animals alike. The city hall, the small town library, the small grocery shop, and all the boutique shops come to life through the eyes of this beholder. The cool mountain nights awaken all souls to this dreamland, which I now I call home.

As I walk through my hometown, I feel this amazing chill in the air, as I ask myself, “Where am I? Is this for real?” As I walked past a huge group of elk, a group of deer, the colorful flying birds, and the beautiful fish ponds that but frame my cottage, I know this was not just a dream but a miracle as I had seen within my dreams this cottage with her two ponds and all that are and all that I will incorporate within her as guided by my blessed dreams. I knew I had just waked into the reality of my dreams yet within the daylight.

I knew I must light the candles within my lighthouse home and let her shine throughout the dark nights. She would guide me throughout the dark nights.

I prayed for all of you whom are being guided by dreams throughout your life to have faith within yourself and within all the truth, just, and honor. Have faith within all that is right. Feel the truth and know truth is always present and all that is good is but within all truthful souls. Carry within yourself basic moral values.

I wish for only peace and serenity, where life is always a blessing and I know peace starts within the mind, body, and soul of each and all individual. Sometimes within life we must stand up and just take the decision and then live with it. For within all steps of life there is a risk and there is a fear, yet life is complete within each individual choice. Like each morning, dawn breaks open and we welcome dawn yet we know throughout the dark nights we have the stars, the moon, and always for me the Spiritual Lighthouse which guides me from within my soul.

I welcome my home as now she has given me a shelter above my head and I have bread upon my plate. I welcome all of you to my home and know wherever you are and it matters not how far apart we are, you too are my family and I will always have my doors open for all whom but knock.

May my Lord always give enough bread, butter, and water to share with one and all of whom but enter my blessed home.

Blessings from Eatonville, Washington. 

*The picture above is of my pond.


Blessings from Seattle,



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