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Soul to soul, mind to mind, body to body, soulmates unite throughout eternity. Soulmates and how they find each other throughout time, has been a thought within the sacred minds of all sacred souls. I have talked about this subject through the eyes of the mystical scholars, through the research of various scientific scholars, and through the path of the religious scholars. I also have talked about dreams,, a sacred path which all of the above scholars have proven to be a fact yet how and why no one can answer the complete reality to, and some of these questions remain unanswered.

Today, I would want you all to walk with me through the imaginary world of fiction. Where no truth is but hidden, no words remain unknown or unheard of, yet only the journey of a sacred love story takes birth.

Soulmates and their eternal search for one another breaks all the doors invisible to the human eyes of doubt, yet, visible to the eyes of the believers. Where time is not a door that could block off a sacred bond, where the believer’s faith holds onto the sacred vows only heard and seen through the eyes of the beloved. How long would they wait for each other? What if no one else knew or believed within this sacred love story? Only true love prevails throughout eternity.

I have incorporated my sacred awakening and my spiritual beliefs within sacred prayers of the sacred souls within this book. I had upon my personal life journey, a hard struggle to overcome all the obstacles that landed upon my path as I began to write this sacred book. Why fictional romance where my spiritual and religious beliefs would be questioned?

I realized within this book I could give birth to a new thought of union. Where we the humans, the Angels, the known, and unknown creation of The One Lord live and breathe in harmony. Where there would be no question about crossing the borders to accept each other. Where not only land and water divided the borders, but the known unknown realms would be a path that would have to be crossed.

If two soulmates could walk across all the borders known and unknown to the eyes of the world through personal belief and sacred vows made throughout time, why could we not take this as an example and have faith in humanity?

I have with the powers of the pen brought two sacred souls to the bridge of union through the eyes of faith, hope, and belief. My prayer is through the power of pen, let me give you hope, faith, and belief within the most powerful spell we the humans have upon us: true love.

Believe in love and soulmates for, yes they do exist. Believe in the miracles of dreams for yes, dreams are but a reality. Believe in reincarnation for know time is but a door invisible to the human eyes. Believe in yourself and know within your soul you know where and when love is but born, even upon the ocean, or the skies above, or Earth beneath, a bridge is created for all true love, I call this bridge the union bridge.

Today, awaken yourself to this sacred land where love unites all throughout time. Where even time comes to a stop as she too is honored by true love. Where the land, the ocean, and the skies above, are but all united as they share a true love story honored throughout time. Where the ocean keeps a hold of the tears spilled, where the sun holds on to the laughters displayed, or the Earth holds onto her two sacred souls trying to unite throughout time as they whisper, Soulmate’s Heart Beats, “Eternally Yours.”

Keep love and hope alive eternally, through your sacred soul. I have placed my characters upon three blessed nations across this globe and united them through the sacred door of love.

The Netherlands, I call the land of flowers, where all love stories blossom.

India, the mystical land of reincarnation where faith is but only within the eyes of the beholder.

My home, Seattle, Washington, USA, land of miracles where all race, color, and religion live in harmony. Personally, I have walked upon all three nations and I know all the people within these countries have given me, faith, hope, and blessings.

Blessings from Seattle,

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