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Traveling abroad, we live with the fear of the unknown. I have traveled to my dreamland to finish some research on my upcoming book. Also, I would love to meet the Honorable Prime Minister Mark Rutte.

I have visited the Binnenhof quite a few times and my friends have tried to get a picture for me as they know I admire him.

Yet, one of them got questioned as he was busy playing Pokémon on his phone. Instead of playing Pokémon on his phone on the beach, he stayed at The Hague to try to get a picture for me of the Honorable Prime Minister, as all of them know I have dedicated two of my books to him and within the third book I talk about him and the Netherlands. Yes now I feel guilty, it was for he admires me just like I admire the Prime Minister.

This has dampened our trip quite a bit as all were upset as we had all not even gotten a speeding ticket ever, yet he thinks because we visited so many times to see if we can get a picture of my admiration he was asked. It was all okay as they told him, “It’s okay, not to worry.” They also play or know Pokémon. I personally had another issue I will have with my friend, how a grown up was so busy playing Pokémon!?

I know the fear I live with is there as there are so many criminals living hiding behind a mask. So, I cannot blame the police or anyone for questioning.

Yet, I also know the feeling of a person being questioned for no reason.

I told our group to have faith. Always do right within your life and never go astray in any way. If questioning and keeping an eye could prevent any more tears from the hearts of all the mothers and fathers whom have lost their children or family due to violence and hatred, it is all a blessing.

I had gone back to my hotel room and had a tearful day as I thought this morning a kind woman had asked why I was not married and why I don’t try to find a good husband and see how beautiful life is. I told her I only believe in soulmates and I don’t believe in one day love. For I know, I might never find him and that’s okay because I don’t want to be in a situation where I could not forgive myself, for I know my Lord is but the most forgiving, but I must forgive myself too.

I believe human awakening is the most powerful thing we the humans have within our soul. We should always follow our heart and do what our heart but says always following with a right mind and thought. So, I wait for him and that’s my choice. I feel complete with this choice as life is a journey I want to travel within peace and harmony.

The next part of this day was a little upsetting as within this world I find world leaders an example to live. I personally admire Prime Minister Mark Rutte.

I have spoken about this openly and my friends only wanted to get a picture for me. Yet, they felt very uncomfortable being questioned, but I know it’s for everyone’s safety. Tears however are free and come without any warnings or reasoning. I only felt terrible that the only way we could get a picture of him is to see if we could see him as we hang around. Yet, I know it’s then we become the questioned. “What should one do?” My friends asked me.

I told them not to risk their lives or anyone’s for these days and times we have landed upon are but hard. I cannot blame any of the security or my friends. So, I told them to enjoy the trip and finish their trip without any worries about the admiration, the admired, or the admirer.

Life is a blessed journey and within my life I will always do what is but right.

I have received a couple of collaborations within my blog and I am excited to get them announced soon. Also, I have my sacred novel release day coming up for all of you whom have asked for the book in advance. Please let me know if you would like to receive a free copy. I promise I will try to send them out as I can.

I am visiting the Netherlands as I have my fictional characters placed within this sacred land. Also, I will try to visit some historical places too. For all of you asking, I have various blog posts coming up soon on this sacred land I admire! I have and will be visiting many places including but not limited to Scheveningen, Amsterdam, and Rotterdam. I also will try to get to the famous weighing house in Oudewater. My characters had visited this place during the witch burning period.

Please say a prayer my stay here is safe, peaceful, and blessed.

For my admiration and the admired will always have my complete admiration. As I always say, may the honorable Prime Minster be safe and may the Netherlands always be safe and secure as they will always be within my prayers.

Also as I sit and write this blog post, Kristine Skujina-Troksa, a waitress in Het Plein from Luden came and asked me how my day was. She asked if everything is okay. I told her about the unexpected events of the day, she told me not to lose my admiration for the Honorable Prime Minister as all know he is a very simple man.

Then I told her I know, and admire him for that reason. I believe within the Holy Spirit and as I saw The Holy Spirit had guided me to this Honorable Prime Minister I believe he is an honorable man. This kind waitress was an awesome woman I have met within the Netherlands and I know I will have her name within my next book as I base an imaginary character in her name. Within the next book, this wonderful person’s name shall be blessed.

Days are filled within joys and sorrows as after a dark night, dawn breaks open.

I believe dawn shall break open throughout the world as darkness but dissolves as dawn but approaches.

My hometown Seattle and my country the USA will always be within my soul. Love you all.

Blessings from The Netherlands,

*The cover picture was taken during my trip in the Netherlands!

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