Spiritual Collection

Wind chimes collect words from history as they dance in the breeze, for words are keepsakes as they create or break all, along the pages of history. The past, present, and future become a bridge because of words through history. Let my inspirational quotes be a friend along the journey of life as again we make history. May my words touch your heart. I have written these original inspirational quotes from my heart to your heart. Have a safe travel as you journey through your life.

                                                     As the ocean and land meet, they leave spiritual messages from a bottle, in hope someone will pick them up and give them a home in his or her heart. My words of inspirational quotations are just that. From my soul, I have written inspirational quotations as a friend for all of whom give them a home. This journey of life takes us through lands and shores where we find messages left for us from a friend indeed. May these words be your friend indeed as you travel through life. I give you my original inspirational quotations, “Spiritual Messages: From A Bottle.”

Like the river flows and the wind dances in the air whispering inspirational quotations, may these words of inspiration be a friend throughout your sacred spiritual journey. Spiritual journey takes us through this sacred life we are bestowed with. Throughout this journey, we have a friend who walks us through all of life’s endeavors. Her name is inspirational words. Words are the soul of all existence. Like the rivers of life, words travel throughout time making history for herself. Spiritual awakening is life’s eternal blessings. We all are on this sacred spiritual journey of life where we have as a companion, words. Throughout all our endeavors, we search for peace and serenity within out inner soul. I have written these spiritual quotations for all of whom are searching for inspiration. I give you from my sacred spiritual search, my words of inspiration, my inspirational quotations that I have written from my soul. I call this book, “Spiritual Journey: Life’s Eternal Blessings.”
Spiritual Traveler, I became to awaken my inner soul. The Creator created this beautiful Earth, then gently laid us the creation all across this Earth. The Artist and the Canvas never change as they remain steadfast. The only thing changing in this frame of art is life. May we be the door of hope for all as we become history, leaving behind as a guide for all the door to history. During this journey, may my prayers of hope and songs from my inner soul, give you peace and be like candles of hope. May they give you peace and be the candles of inspiration during the dark, lonely nights until dawn. May they be your true friend as you take this spiritual journey. They are sacred letters from my chest that I wrote for my Lord. I have given my mind, body, soul, and all my love to my Lord. Today from my chest, I give you my sacred songs, “Spiritual Songs: Letters From My Chest.”
Words are sacred. I believe, “Inspirations are words of wisdom here to guide all. They have traveled through the journey of time and endured all the obstacles.” Inspiration is a blessed journey throughout life. I have woven all of my inspirations through words as I walked throughout the pages of this book. Like always, my inspiration and devotion is life and all the obstacles and endeavors of life. Throughout this book, I have written the words of wisdom as I believe words are the most powerful blessings of life. Words inspire all towards hope, faith, dreams, and humanity. Hold onto your hopes and dreams as you walk throughout the pages of this book today and tomorrow. Leave them as a blessed friend for the future. May these Sacred Words Of Wisdom be an inspiration to all of you as you walk through this book of words. “May my words be prayers in the wind blowing peace throughout the world. May all houses have their windows open to let this wind of peace into their homes and hearts.”
My very special Spiritual Ark, now coming to all whom are but seeking her. She has been blessed with my four original books of quotations woven into one new book. All pages have been individually designed one by one. The cover designed for her name, an invisible ark with an invisible time machine talking about the enchanted journey of timeless quotations. Hold on to this book as a blessing from the enchanted words. She has now taken birth as a Spiritual Ark: The Enchanted Journey Of Timeless Quotations.

Do you believe in dreams?
Do you believe in reincarnation?
What do scientists have to say about this topic?
What do the mystics say about dreams?
What about the religious scholars?

The soul walks into a parallel world where the past, the present, and the future exist in the same universe.

A page turner for all whom are but seeking the answers.

Forty nights of dreams have come alive through the pages of this book. All forty nights are short stories within each chapter as they had come to me within my dreams. I have traveled through mythological time periods through the Abrahamic religions through the modern times, all within this parallel world.

Travel with me as I take you on a journey through time where the past, the present, and the future walk in union. The mystics, the philosophers, the scientists, and the religious scholars, all have walked upon this path. You too can take a journey with them as you travel through this one of a kind book now published. For the first time in paperback, I give you my Spiritual Lighthouse: The Dream Diaries Of Ann Marie Ruby.