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Time flies by us as she is on a journey always looking forward. She had given us a blessed summer and now she gets us through a beautiful color changing fall. She is now preparing us for the cold winter nights. Time passes by only leaving behind sweet memories of the past. Cherish them as they become history tomorrow.

Those of you whom have not been able to take a vacation this year or the last, please know we have all been in those shoes. Today, please take a vacation from all the stress of life and know Mother Nature brings all the vacation upon our doors with her changing colors of love. I have been walking in the shoes of a struggler, a survivor, and I but call myself a blessed creation of the Creator throughout this journey of life.

Always within my basket, I carry the blessed word, “hope.”

May you find her within your life and know she knocks at the strangest hours of the day and night. Until she arrives with good news, let my words of love, inspiration, and blessings be with you throughout time. When you need them, and when you forget all about them, I shall be there for all of you, forever. If you need a free copy of my inspirational quotations for solace, also please let me know and I will try my best to send them your way. I am trying to at least send out some free copies to all of you whom have privately asked me. If only I could, I would distribute all my books as a gift from a friend to all the houses whom need the candles of hope.

All of my fans, know I love you and am on this journey only to bring joy to anyone who is but lonely and has nothing but tears as a companion. May my words be there for you today and all whom need my words for eternity. All my blessings be upon all of you whom but need a prayer today. 

Blessings from Seattle,

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