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The soul walks into a parallel world where the past, the present, and the future exist in the same universe.

A page turner for all whom are but seeking the answers.

Forty nights of dreams have come alive through the pages of this book. All forty nights are short stories within each chapter as they had come to me within my dreams. I have traveled through mythological time periods through the Abrahamic religions through the modern times, all within this parallel world.

Travel with me as I take you on a journey through time where the past, the present, and the future walk in union. The mystics, the philosophers, the scientists, and the religious scholars, all have walked upon this path. You too can take a journey with them as you travel through this one of a kind book now published. For the first time in paperback, I give you my Spiritual Lighthouse: The Dream Diaries Of Ann Marie Ruby.

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My very special Spiritual Ark, now coming to all whom are but seeking her. She has been blessed with my four original books of quotations woven into one new book. All pages have been individually designed one by one. The cover designed for her name, an invisible ark with an invisible time machine talking about the enchanted journey of timeless quotations. Hold on to this book as a blessing from the enchanted words. She has now taken birth as a Spiritual Ark: The Enchanted Journey Of Timeless Quotations.

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This is a prayer book for all race, color, and religion. May all unite for there is one Creator and we are the creation. This book contains 100 prayers and is not affiliated with any religion. May this be an inspirational friend throughout your journey of life.

Songs are the sweetest energy of life. They bring to union all race, color, and religion. A song for me is also a prayer, a spiritual awakening where my love for all humans comes to life. Through this, we the creation unitedly can call upon our Creator without any religious affiliation, where peace, harmony, and bliss exist. Nothing more. Nothing less. Here, a Christian, a Muslim, a Jew, a Hindu, a religious individual, or one with no faith at all can unite in a heartfelt song we sing together while keeping our own faith and including all humans as the children of The Creator. Let us the judged not be The Judge. Every day, I repent for the unknown sins of the mind, body, and soul. I pray for all humans to be just friends, to be just nice to each other. May our actions not ruin a day for a neighbor or a stranger because we choose our own way of life. May our paths, even though different they may be, create a bond of humanity amongst all the humans.

These thoughts came pouring down onto my lap as I was gifted with blessed dreams from Heavens above. I believe in dreams as they have guided me throughout my life. Some dreams I have shared with others and some I have kept within my soul. I have kept a diary of my dreams as they have been remarkable as time passed by me. Never had I thought I would share them publicly. I have followed my dreams as I know dreams are just that, dreams, until we convert them into reality. So, I have now taken my dreams and created a prayer book for all race, color, and religion. May this book be the bridge of mercy uniting all humans and give back to us the basic moral value called humanity. So, from my chest I give you, “Spiritual Songs: Letters From My Chest.”

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What are prayers?

Why are prayers but the sweet songs of a thirsty soul?

Is there a book of prayers which is but not religiously affiliated?

I was thirsty for a prayer I could sing with all of the humans. I wanted to recite something when I am sad, when I am but afraid, or when I the human feel lost and stranded. I watched the twinkling stars appear shining like a miracle above the skies, the moon reflecting upon the pond as my lighthouse turned on at dusk. 

Where and when there is no hope, prayers but open the doors to hope. Whether or not one is but religiously affiliated, this book is but a hope for them too. Awaken from within yourself through the sweet songs of prayer. Within this sacred book, there are but one hundred and twenty-three prayers I but call “Songs.”

From the unknown darkness through the first peek of dawn, I waited for an answer to my prayers. Throughout the day, I searched everywhere for an answer to my prayers. I knocked upon all doors, until I knew I must open the doors myself. After a long journey through the obstacles of life, for all of you seeking a prayer to find hope within, or to just recite in union with your fellow human, I give you my book of prayers.

Where there is no hope, find hope within a prayer.

When you are but the lost and stranded, hold on to the words of a prayer. When you are being judged by another soul, do remember we are all but the judged.

Hold on to this sacred book as you find within yourself, the first sight of hope within words of a sweet prayer. May we the humans unite within one prayer, the prayer of a human soul. For there is only one house, one family, where we the humans but belong. The house of prayer is filled with the sweet songs of the human mind, body, and soul where we but ask, seek, and knock for only the blessed candles of hope.

I knew upon the dark night skies, the guiding lights were singing a tune in harmony. I watched the trees dancing in the wind, as they joined in the musical show. The rain started to pour as she reminded me that this fresh rainwater is drinkable and so many around this globe save this free water as she is a blessing from Heavens above.

Blessings from Heavens above but come even within the dark nights as we but realize and accept them. I knew the prayers I seek from my Lord tonight, I have within my hands. For it is I, who must pray to my Lord, for guidance. It is I, who must sing the sweet songs for my Lord with all humans alike. For I know within the human race, there is no difference as we all are but the creation of this one Creator.

Dusk became the dark as the night had progressed and I felt as if dawn was peeking through the night skies. I had sat and waited all night for an answer from my Lord. Yet, the answer was always within my chest.

I had written a prayer book I but call, “Spiritual Songs: Letters From My Chest” for all of the humans to sing, recite, or just read in union. This prayer book is where there is no difference between houses of different faiths and where a creation can just cry for her Creator. For all humans, I give my book of prayers to hold on to, as you but walk through this life only to unite all humans within one song and one prayer. 

Within this book, you the seeker shall find peace and blessings. You the human shall find words to hold on to when you are but lost. You the lost shall find a way out, for even where all hope is but lost, there waiting for you is a prayer of hope.

Today, I have within my hands, my second book of prayers I but call, “Spiritual Songs II: Blessings From A Sacred Soul.”

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Blessings from Seattle,