Guests are but sacred visitors whom come and give their blessings and take our blessings with them upon leaving. If you are reading this message, please know my blessings and love have been sent your way.

A sacred traveler through the land of words, I had become, to spread peace and harmony throughout all nations globally. The well-being of humans, to awaken humans through humanity, to give spiritual inspiration, health issues be it spiritual or physical, religious wisdom through spiritual awakening, and of course dreams – my sacred journey through dreams, I have taken this personal journey to take all humans upon a journey through time through the messages learned throughout time.

Traveler, I had become through the most sacred blessings we the humans have upon us, through the power of the pen and paper. My goal is to unite all humans to humanity, for the well-being of the one culture we all have within our mind, body, and soul: the human culture. Within this sacred place, we all unite and learn from the past, the present, and take all of our accumulated lessons to the future generation.

I had awakened up one morning as the realization dawned upon me, what could I do personally for this one world I love and want to unite through humanity. I started my blog and I knew throughout this world, my words would travel to the places I cannot even imagine to go, as it’s not possible to travel everywhere physically, yet through my blog I am able to travel.

This journey through words had become my sacred spiritual awakening, as I write about my personal journey and know this is how you and I are but connected. Blessed I am as, I have taken different lands and cultures throughout this globe and united all through words through my blog posts.

I believe even people from the past whom I have never met still guide me through their lives lived, such as “William The Silent.” I believe the women burnt throughout this world for just being rumored to be a witch, still guide us through their lives lived.

I believe the spiritual healing through natural herbs and the sacred wisdom of Mother Earth have guided, still guides, and shall always guide us throughout the spiritual healers of this world.

I believe sacred leaders from the past, the present, and through the journey of life the future, guide us and shall guide us through the words of wisdom. I believe all the medical doctors of this sacred world have but taken an oath to save all humans alike for the love of humanity.

I believe the mystics, the religious scholars, the scientific scholars, have all united through my personal blog as I walk through their lives lived and their lessons taught for the sake of humanity.

I have received knocks upon my door from all around this world with various concerns within their lives.

Why do I see dreams?”

How could I too help through my writing journey?”

What is spirituality?”

Why I don’t remember my dreams?”

I don’t belong to any religious faith but I would like to pray, how?”

I know I am only a private citizen who lives her private life, yet my words travel throughout this world to the houses that await my arrival.

Maybe just a prayer is needed, so I have published my prayer book for all seeking this sacred gift.

Maybe you seek just a word of encouragement, for you I have my spiritual quotation books published.

Maybe you need to decode your personal dreams, as we know today even on top of religious scholars, scientific scholars have acknowledged dreams are but a fact, yet why we see them though is unknown. This is where I walk with you through my book, “Spiritual Lighthouse.”

For all of you, the believers of soulmates, reincarnation, dreams, and the complete miracle of love, I have my Kasteel Vrederic series.

“Heaven is found within your complete inner PEACE. Heaven is found within your complete inner FAITH. Heaven is the found within your complete inner HOPE. Heaven is PEACE, FAITH, and HOPE entwined into one as two souls become one through complete inner LOVE.”

For all of you whom I can’t be with yet my soul knows I must find you, and give you something to hold onto, I give you my books.

Like the birds flying in, whom search for a warm cottage to get away from the cold freezing winter, I have made birdhouses with water fountains to take a drink from. I love watching my guests: the birds, the deer, and all of my Lord’s creation coming for a visit.

Today for you the human creation, I have my books. Visitors are but Angels in disguise, they are but strangers whom become friends and family through our shared lessons of life.

Here, I have kept the past generation alive through my journey through the past. Here, I have for the present, the learned lessons of life through the past lives lived. Here for the future generation, I have my words of wisdom waiting for you as you too shall find them left here for you as you too come and visit.

As you knock upon my blog, please know, for the well-being of all humans, I have collected these sacred words and converted them to my books. For all whom come and visit my website, I have now weaved my sacred wreath of words.

Blessings from Seattle,

Ann Marie Ruby