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Songs are the sweetest heartbeat and comforts of my life. Songs written from the soul touch the soul. I have written prayers/songs for myself, my family, and friends, as a sacred passion. At all times, my soul calls to all the creation of The Creator, we are one family. So I thought for once, let’s place the differences to work and build a song together for all humans to recite in union. In my quotation book I wrote, “The Lord loves all creation equally. If we place all race, color, and religion together we get the best rainbow on Earth.” Children are my life as I see a child’s tear, it tears me apart. I want to run and hold the child to my heart, not just to comfort the child but myself. Tears left unwiped on a child, bring tears to all men and women alike. Tears we share for strangers are our sacred journey as they cleanse the soul from within. May these tears be our awakened spiritual souls. This is where I woke up and became spiritually inclined.

I awakened myself first as then I saw how beautiful this world is.

Love is the greatest warrior of all time, the sweet tune he sings is but his true soulmate. I also have a prayer/song I named, “The Consort Of Life Is Death.” I keep this in my heart as I live my life. I wrote another one which I have named, “Life On This Earth Is But A Day.” With these prayers in my chest, I have decided to come out from my sacred cave and give these as a gift for all of whom but want a friend as they too are taking a sacred journey through life. Hold onto this friend as you journey through life your own way. I give you 98 prayers from my chest, “Spiritual Songs: Letters From My Chest.”

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Blessings from Seattle,

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