Heart Beats Your Name: Vows From The Beyond


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“My mystical beauty sleeps in a gondola fighting the Grim Reaper while I lay in bed sleepless.”

Antonius van Phillip talks about his beloved twin flame Katelijne in this latest paranormal romance murder mystery.

Now you too can have within your hands a book where paranormal romance, murder mystery, reincarnation, and dreams in union create another page turner. I call this magical book Heart Beats Your Name: Vows From The Beyond. Come let us open the pages of another Kasteel Vrederic diary where love is infinite. Faith is the opening door to all miracles. Here even death is challenged through infinite love and belief. For all of you following this series, know it was the author of the first diary, the sixteenth-century famous diarist Jacobus van Vrederic, of the Kasteel Vrederic, who had said follow your heartbeats. So here you will see Antonius van Phillip follow his heartbeats as he also is guided by the sounds of a paranormal musical heartbeat.

Today a twenty-first century son of the famous Kasteeel Vrederic, Antonius van Phillip, vows to follow these blessed words of his ancestors.

With him walks in the courtyard of the famous Kasteel, his father Erasmus van Phillip and his mother Anadhi Newhouse van Phillip (lead characters from Be My Destiny: Vows From The Beyond) to stand by their adopted son. From the mystical fog, all of you the fans of the original diarist will also get to meet the original diarist. Like a miracle from the beyond, walks in the reincarnated form of the original diarist Jacobus van Vrederic (lead character from the first two books in the Kasteel Vrederic series), to be of a helping hand to yet another infinite love story waiting to be created. Yet this time you all will get to meet the Kasteel Vrederic family members through the words of Antonius van Phillip.

Through the blessed pen of Antonius van Phillip, we again are gifted with yet another famous diary. Today the Kasteel Vrederic library has added this new addition to its library for the whole world to enjoy and be a part of. Come and open yet another infinite eternal love story that keeps on saying, Heart Beats Your Name: Vows From The Beyond.

A devastating murder has been committed and the only witness is dead. A blind painter with restored sight is guided to the murder site through the magical sounds of a heartbeat. A blind man who has to learn to relive his life with sight gets calls from his dead twin flame to rescue her. He has nothing but his own psychic premonition of dreams, some horrific artwork, and his sixth sense he was born with as a blind man to follow. How does a blind painter who had painted in the dark his whole life catch a painter who belongs in the dark?

Throughout the whole time from beyond death, a mystical musical sound of heartbeats are repeating nonstop, Heart Beats Your Name: Vows From The Beyond.

A powerful story of a mother’s love where tears rip the heavens above and Earth beneath. For this mother does not believe she did not carry the child for nine months, as she keeps on repeating, “But I carried you for two whole years as you were a ‘terrible two ‘toddler.” An emotional journey of a family who never let one another go, as they repeat to one another, “I Shall Never Let You Go.” An emotional journey of a beloved who repeats, what is death, where and when there is love, life lives on. For love never gives up, even when the heartbeats do.

You too can fall in love once more while solving a murder, a crime, that has gripped the whole world with fear and horrific repugnance. A hidden social awareness mystery where powerful families commit crimes and hide them under their roofs. Yet there are powerful bonds of loving family members who will at all cost stick with one another and be there for their own family members and yours as they are humans with humanity.

This great family has saved witches from being burned at the stakes or hung at the gallows, they have fought during the Dutch revolutionary war, and now in the twenty-first century, they are fighting to solve a murder mystery and solve yet a bigger hidden crime being committed throughout the world.

Come and follow the musical heartbeats of a mystical soul who from the beyond keeps on calling everyone. Come and wipe off the tears of a mother, as you too believe in the powerful love of a mother. Journey through an epical love story where Antonius van Phillip stays awake sleepless for his mystical twin flame who sleeps peacefully under the blue skies. Yet love letters are written to one another through the mystical door of vows from the beyond. Once in a few centuries, you will find within your hands a powerful story where the message lives on even after the book is finished. For like my other readers, you too will read this sacred book over and over again, as you keep this safely tucked away in your family library. 

Today from the library of Kasteel Vrederic, I give you my fourth book in this series. An epical love story that will live on even beyond time.

A Paranormal Romance Murder Mystery,
Heart Beats Your Name: Vows From The Beyond.



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