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One in five girls around the globe are child brides. The world today has around 650 million child brides worldwide. Did you know 28 girls every minute are becoming a child bride? Gender disparity, social inequality, unfair judgment regarding girls’ rights have led to one of the greatest humanitarian crises called the child bride crisis. We all talk about human rights violations yet why is this world frozen to this crisis? Child marriages fall into the act of human rights violation. Yet the world has placed a blind eye toward this humanitarian crisis.

Why don’t we the global citizens allow all girls to be a princess, and let them have a dream and live out their dreams just like the boys are allowed?

I hope girls around the globe are born with beautiful wings like a butterfly and not born with shattered wings.

I have woven a paranormal story where a child bride fights for herself and her children’s destiny. This world may be emotionless to this crisis but they will awaken their inner souls as they read the diary of a child bride called Shattered Wings. The child bride named Ahana Roy took birth within the pages of my book to churn this world and find a place for her and girls like her within the hearts of the global citizens of this world.

Ahana Roy said, “I had no chance in life as I was born with shattered wings.” A heartbreaking statement given by a child retells the life story of a child bride. Sold at the age of three, Ahana Roy fights destiny to give her daughters a better life than her own. Her mother’s last words she remembered before being sold were, “If only you were born a boy, your fate would have been different.”

She asked her wounded soul, “Why does my life story not matter? Why is it my life has to be cut short? Why can’t I dream of being loved and a have a happily ever after life?”

She knew the answer was simple, she was born with shattered wings as she was destined to tragedy because she was born a girl.

Ahana Roy’s diary would not be written or read or safely kept by anyone as they would go flying away as lost papers of a diary. It is a subject people ignore as it is not their problem. Yet Ahana Roy knew she must write this one diary. If it’s not for her own sake, then for her children, the toddler she walks with and the unborn child she carries. Life does not give us many chances yet in the paranormal world of Kasteel Vrederic, we do have the paranormal Kasteel Vrederic family members who appear at different places and in different time zones, where and when you need them the most.

At her heartbreaking call, her twin flame arrives crossing the door of death from the seventeenth century, yet as a ghost.

The twin flames are separated by time. A glass wall separates them which is called death. Bruised and battered, Ahana walks in the dark night’s busy streets of New York City, seeking a helping friend. She cries out with pain, yet you would wonder in such a busy city, why no one hears or sees her cries and pain. Everyone in the Big Apple is busy with their own troubles of life. The world has placed a blind face and deaf ears toward the Ahanas of this world, yet why?

Find out what happens to Ahana, her children and her ghost twin flame in this heart-breaking paranormal novel. Find out if Ahana was able to give her children a different life than her own. Or, were they also destined to have shattered wings like their mother? What about love? Did Ahana dare to dream about love and her twin flame as they were separated by death? Was Ahana able to escape the people who sold her, and the monster who had married her and kept her a prisoner? What happened to the sex traffickers, the powerful influential society members?

This is a paranormal novel where the true story of girls like Ahana Roy have been woven into a fictional world.

Here we find help from the spiritual world of Kasteel Vrederic, where reincarnation is a blessing, dreams are guiding lights, and twin flames unite even beyond death and life, for who says death separates us? If love is eternal, then twin flames too are eternal.

I hope today you can give a small place in your big heart for girls like Ahana Roy as she has walked on top of shattered glass bleeding and bruised all her life. Remember not to be too late as each minute, 28 girls are being sent off as child brides. The good news is child brides are now declining slowly as ten years ago, it was one in every four girls. Now, however, it is one in every five. I hope this book eradicates the child bride schemes.

May Ahana Roy’s story allow all children to be a child, not a bride and let the grown-up daughters choose their grooms when they are ready.

May the tear-jerking story make parents accept girls and boys equally into their life and not discriminate through genders.

I hope Ahana Roy’s diary awakens all the humans across this globe to this catastrophic crisis. I have named this amazing girl Ahana as it means immortal and morning glory as through the pages of this paranormal novel, Ahana Roy will always be immortal. She is the morning glory which blooms to awaken all at dawn. Let her message be immortal as it will be waiting for you to read when you too open the pages of this phenomenal supernatural novel I call,

Shattered Wings: Diary Of A Child Bride.


Ann Marie Ruby

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