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My book Melodies Of Humanity: The Golden Keys is out now!

The forceful and powerful voices of the wrong sings sweet songs filled with wrongful messages over and over again. The messages are on repeat and eventually enter the minds of even the most innocent victims. Its effect is like a force-fed medication on the minds of the listeners. Like a parade, followers of the wrong walk with their leader and spread the same unhumanitarian lectures. They justify the wrong as right through forceful recitations, mesmerized and confused through it all. I feel all around the world people are walking in a trance.

I ask you the human, why don’t you wake up and get out of the trance and become a human who feels and can think for himself? Don’t walk with the wrong but walk for the right. Maybe even if you don’t listen to the voices of the wise or your inner self, you will listen to the words of a poet. So through poetry, I call you the humans who have left behind your inner humanitarian souls to look around this world once more. Today, come and pick up this miraculous book which is my call for humanity to awaken again. I call this book of poetry, Melodies Of Humanity: The Golden Keys.

The reason I wrote this book is to bring to attention some of the problems we the humans are facing.

I know it’s not possible to see or feel what all humans are going through. Yet maybe as humans, we can feel for them and eradicate some of the obstacles for them. A doctor can prescribe painkillers but a humanitarian can wipe off the tears of the victims. A social worker working to eradicate the suffering will walk through the path you the victim walk upon to understand the hindrances you face.

For then, we can make sure no one else faces these same difficulties. Our goal is for the future generation to not even know there were broken bridges along the path of their lives for the broken bridges preventing people from walking over had been replaced by someone from the past. We will look behind and have the joy of knowing people will not suffer anymore as we have done our part in saving our one world for we are humans with humanity.

Let’s work together to unite all through differences in the future, not divide all apart through differences in the future.

So today tell me, does it hurt when you see another person in pain? Do you spread tears for the unknown stranger when you hear her story on your news channel? Did you ever wish you could have been Superman and had saved the child that had died from an apartment fire? What about the orphan who died on the streets trying to find herself a meal? What about the child who becomes a bully as an adult as her school did nothing to prevent her from bulling children around her as a child? Do you not wish you could have prevented this incident from ever happening, if you had intervened when the child was young? If you have said yes to any of these questions, then I know you too are a humanitarian.

Come with me and now let’s walk through Melodies Of Humanity: The Golden Keys.

After soul searching through my own inner self, I realized I too must do something to awaken my fellow human beings around the globe. Today in this time and era, the news comes to us even though we don’t go looking for it. We are all blessed, yet it still seems we are unaware of so many happenings around the one world. So, I have taken up my pen to write these problems in a poetry book and unite your inner humanitarian soul with the pages of my book. Maybe then you will be awakened before it is too late. Through my book of poetry, I bring to your attention some of these topics. I can’t possibly write about all the problems yet I wanted to start somewhere. Each poem is filled with eternal affection and benevolence.

I want these poems to churn the world and eradicate all humanitarian crises. I know the crises are immense, yet we the humans have climbed the highest mountains. We have been to space and have gone even under the ocean, so there are no humanitarian crises on our one Earth we cannot handle. We can eradicate all the obstacles if only we try. These may be issues you think do not matter or are not your problem.

Yet these are someone’s problem and you could be the helping hand.

Did you also know a lot of children fear going to bed as they are being raped by their own family members? What about the children who are going hungry because they have lack of food? Also climate change you think is a made-up problem. Yet why don’t you get off your comfortable sofa and watch the dolphins and whales coming to shore dead. Your one Mother Earth is crying for help, yet you stand on her chest repeating to her, it’s not your problem. These are only a few topics I have written about. I have written about more than thirty topics which I thought needed to be discussed at this time of my life.

I know there are so many more topics I need to write about yet I could only cover so much in one book. Let’s read through these heart-touching poems together and maybe you too will say like the following reader and give a helping hand. A reader sent me a very touching message after reading my book of poetry. She wrote,
“I never took climate change personally, but after reading your poem I seriously started crying. Never thought a poem about climate change would affect me like that. I will try to be a helping hand however I can, like not leaving the water running when brushing my teeth from now on.”

This book is much more than just a book of poetry, as it has my message after each poem which retells a story for each topic.

I know you will find this amazing book of poetry a golden key to begin solving the problems we the citizens of this world face today.

Come recite the poems and feel good about being a human with humanity. We have so much to do yet so little time. So join me and let’s in union be there for one another. As we begin walking for one another and be there for one another, all the difficulties our one human family face on this world will be eradicated.

As I was writing this piece I remembered, August 19th is World Humanitarian Day. On this day we recognize the humans who have passed away trying to improve their society, their country or improve the lives of a group of people. We also recognize humanitarians across the globe who are trying effortlessly to improve the lives of the others, for no fame or name but only because their inner soul cares for their fellow human beings. I ask you to celebrate with them by becoming a humanitarian.

Remember on August 20th don’t forget your commitment and honor this lifelong promise.

In my book, I have talked about a number of humanitarian crises that are in my eyes threatening the well-being of human lives across the globe. Maybe after reading these poems you will dedicate your time to one of the humanitarian causes. 

Hold this book of poetry within the temples of your inner soul. Then let us churn out all the obstacles our human families face around this globe as we stand for and with one another. I ask you my readers to undertake the tribulations of this world and eradicate the humanitarian crises as I have written about them and you have read about them. That’s the first step as we learn to take one step at a time slowly together in union, you the reader and I the author, as we unite together through the pages of Melodies Of Humanity: The Golden Keys.

“May this book of poetry convince your hearts to revisit the humanitarian predicaments of this world.”

Blessings from San Francisco,

Ann Marie Ruby

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