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Feeling is but the power of spiritual healing. I believe the power of all healing resides in the power of personal feelings. “Feel first, then heal,” is but the insight to spirituality. When a person ends up in a doctor’s office, he or she is asked “How are you feeling?” Personal feelings are the only

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A mother, a sister, a daughter, a soulmate who touches your life throughout eternity as a guest even for a few days, as life is not eternal. Today make this day eternal through your eternal love. A welcomed guest we are within this Mother Earth, may we be the perfect guest respect and honor her

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I travel through life and my footprints are left behind as I journey ahead. Don’t judge my footprints but place your own ones as you travel through life. I know we are but the judged, and never are we to judge one another. Yet on a daily basis, I see humans judging one another, criticizing

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