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My Trip In The Netherlands Day 4: Friends, Mark Rutte, Binnenhof

Traveling abroad, we live with the fear of the unknown. I have traveled to my dreamland to finish some research on my upcoming book. I also would love to meet the Honorable Prime Minister Mark Rutte. I have visited the Binnenhof quite a few times and my friends have tried to get a picture for

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International Day Of Non-Violence: Stop Violence At Home

A few days ago, I woke up listening to another threat which had been prevented by the Dutch police. A breath of relief, and a blessed prayer, had been answered. A country so far away from me, yet I pray for her citizens. Today, I thought how many countries have suffered from violence and threats

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Researchers have discussed in detail about coffee, tea, and spirituality. There are both positive and negative positions taken by the spiritual gurus on this topic. My personal perspective is very different from any of the gurus, I believe, “Perception is but the perspective of the personal mind.” Caffeine within tea and coffee has different effects

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Fall (or as you know her by her given name autumn) is a very sacred time for the mind, body, and soul to rejuvenate. Today, I walked upon my own acreage as I noticed the leaves have started to turn orange. This means they will fall off soon and the trees will be bare. For

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Reincarnation: My Personal Journey


Reincarnation is a philosophical or religious belief that has withstood time as now this belief has landed upon the minds of the scientific scholars worldwide. This religious belief within Hinduism is known as reincarnation, or rebirth, as the soul leaves and finds another body. In early Greek civilizations, the term was known as metempsychosis, which

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