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Reincarnation: My Personal Journey


Reincarnation is a philosophical or religious belief that has withstood time as now this belief has landed upon the minds of the scientific scholars worldwide. This religious belief within Hinduism is known as reincarnation, or rebirth, as the soul leaves and finds another body. In early Greek civilizations, the term was known as metempsychosis, which

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The Fallen Leaves Of Fall

With the end of summer, we get ready to welcome the arrival of fall. Change within Mother Nature is a blessing as we the humans learn from this and always incorporate the changes of life. I watch the green leaves turning bright orange as I know within this amazing beauty lies the hidden truth –

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What Are Soulmates?

I have written about soulmates as I believe in soulmates as the sacred spiritual journey of two sacred souls searching for each other. Questions asked by all are: Did life give me this sacred gift, all eyes but search for? How do I know I have but united with my soulmate? Why did the marriage/relationship

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What Are Interlinking Dreams?

Dreams are guidance from the beyond. Throughout time, mystics, psychics, religious scholars, and scientists have tried to decode the mystical land of dreams. Messages have come from the dead, the yet to be born, or the unknown, trying to give us a helping hand and guiding us throughout our journey of life. You could ignore

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25 Interesting Facts About Me!

I have traveled all around the world, except Africa. Hope I am also able to visit Africa at least once! I am a vegetarian. I have type two diabetes due to genetics, but have cured myself to become borderline diabetic. I have a small black and white puppy. I live on a farmland with twenty

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