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Spiritual Songs II: Blessings From A Sacred Soul, out of her sacred cave, is available on Amazon.

The winter nights are long and sometimes very dark. I cannot hear any birds singing throughout the night as I sit on the porch watching over my pond. Yet, throughout the summer nights, I had wondered why there was so much noise outside. The birds would sing from dawn to dusk through dawn. I had to close the windows and doors to keep the sounds out. Tonight, I sit waiting for them to come back as I know spring is but around the corner.

Sweet songs of prayers I write for all whom but want to sing in union.

I have been sitting by a pond filled with water, yet I feel so thirsty. This water I cannot drink, yet I can just watch. I know my thirst is fulfilled with a gift I had wanted from my Lord. Throughout my life, I wanted a prayer given to me through words with which I could call upon The Divine Creator, without any name or house being involved. I just wanted to be the creation of The Creator. I asked, sought, and knocked upon all doors to open in union. All the different doors lead to different houses belonging to different people.

I would shed tears, how blessed would this world be if only in union we could all sing the sweet songs of prayers. If only we could hold hands and shed the tears of love throughout this world. What if we could wipe off the tears of a mother or a child? If we could fear not our inner feelings, but share openly with all? This was the spiritual awakening of my inner soul, for all humans with humanity, to stand up for each other, to hold on to one another, to give and not expect anything in return.

Today, this pond water is filled with fish and all of nature’s blessings with flowers and colors. She is pleasing to the eyes, yet my thirst remains unfulfilled as I know I cannot drink this water. I know throughout this world, we have so much water yet I must pay for even a glass of clean drinking water.

Nothing within this world is free, but must be earned.

I told my Lord, I only am thirsty for a prayer I could sing with all of the humans. I wanted to recite something when I am sad, when I am but afraid, or when I the human feel lost and stranded. As I watched above in the skies, the twinkling stars appeared shining like a miracle and the moon reflected upon the pond as my lighthouse turned on at dusk. 

I knew within the dark night skies, they were my guiding lights, singing a tune in harmony. I watched the trees dancing in the wind as they joined in the musical show. The rain started to pour as she reminded me this fresh rain water is drinkable and so many around this globe save this free water, as she is a blessing from Heavens above.

Blessings from Heavens above but come even within the dark nights as we but realize and accept them. I knew the prayers I seek from my Lord tonight, I have within my hands. For it is I, who must pray to my Lord for guidance. It is I, who must sing the sweet songs for my Lord with all humans alike. For I know, within the human race there is no difference as we all are but the creation of this one Creator.

Dusk became the dark as the night had progressed and I felt dawn was peeking through the night skies. I had sat and waited all night for an answer from my Lord.

Yet, the answer was always within my chest.

I had written a prayer book I but call, Spiritual Songs: Letters From My Chest for all humans to sing, recite, or just read in union, where there is no difference between houses of different faith, where a creation could just cry for The Creator.

Tonight, I have within my hands, my second book of prayers I but call, Spiritual Songs: Blessings From A Sacred Soul.

Within this book, you the seeker shall find peace and blessings. You the human, shall find words to hold on to when you are but lost. You the lost shall find a way out for even where all hope is but lost, there waiting for you is a prayer of hope.

I knew within the pages of this sacred book, you shall find the glass of water to quench your thirst. It is we the humans, who must unite for us the humans. For we must walk for each other, not against. We must awaken with humanity for all of the human race. For remember, we are but the judged not ever to be confused as The Judge.

For all of the humans with humanity, I have within my hands my blessed prayer book.

May you find within these pages, peace and harmony. Awaken within humanity as you turn the pages of this blessed book.

The cover picture of this book represents a bridge made out of a piano and the fallen leaves or the green leaves represent life as a complete journey. The bridge made out of the piano keys are but the keys to the unknown doors you but seek. The sweet notes are but my prayers I call songs for the thirsty souls of humans with humanity.

Come hold my hands and hold on to the candles of hope. Tonight, as you light up this hope within your hands, know throughout this world, we are there for one another. Spread hope and be the candle for all of humanity. Even when the storms of life but come, let us in union hold and protect all the candles of hope.

With hope and blessings, I have for all of you within my hands, my sacred prayer book.

Over one hundred tearful, heartfelt prayers, I but call songs. Within all of the prayers, you the human shall find the heartbeat of a sacred soul. Also, within each prayer, you too shall awaken with hope and blessings. Within each prayer, you too shall unite within all sacred souls of this Earth. For within this book, there is no religion or religious belief, but we the humans walking for each other.

This sacred book is but taking a journey, as she but knocks upon your doors. Please open the doors and accept this sacred book as she but comes as Blessings From A Sacred Soul.



I always end my blog posts with this quote “Blessings from Seattle.”

Tonight, I shall end this blog post with this sacred name,
“Spiritual Songs: Blessings From A Sacred Soul”


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