Dawn breaks through as she brings upon this Earth, blessings from the unknown. With each glow of light, I reach out for the door of hope. I ask myself, where do I find hope? Where do I find the strength to look for hope?

The hardest part of the battle to win against hopelessness is but the willpower of oneself.

I had walked within a cathedral in Brussels and was mesmerized by the musical tunes of “Ave Maria.” I had lit a candle and prayed for all humans to awaken within hope. I know within my mind, body, and soul if only we could light the candles of hope within all souls throughout this world, then all humans would at least walk within hope. Yes, true, the world would still have illnesses, financial burdens, and all other obstacles looming around like dark clouds upon the Earthly skies. I still believe within hope, the door to all the prayers but open.

I had walked within the different religious houses of this Earth. Yet, I realized all throughout this world, we are all looking for only hope. Through our own doors of prayers, we all are but thirsty for a prayer of hope. For me, it was a quest to find a prayer I could recite to my Creator, with all different race, color, and religion in union. Where nothing would divide us, the humans, against each other but we the humans would only unite for each other. Where do I find this prayer for which I had asked, sought, and knocked upon all doors available to me? I had traveled as far as India, Australia, The Caribbean, and within Europe to see if there were differences between us the humans.

Yet, I only found out all of the humans but seek the same door and are knocking upon this door of hope.

I thought as I reached home, how do I find what is not available? Where do I look for something that does not exist? I wanted to pick up my phone and call someone for the answer, but who do I call?

I had a blessed dream where the Holy Archangels had asked had I written the songs yet. In my dream, I had placed prayers within a bottle and I let this bottle float within the rivers. I had watched a young person who had been sitting by the river bank catch the bottle.
I knew the message had reached its address. The feeling was of peace and joy. I knew finally someone on this Earth had found what he was asking for. A prayer written with words, with tears and hope, a creation crying to her Creator, to give hope to all of the creation regardless of their religious affiliation.

I had awakened from my dream and realized I must stand up and walk for myself, and then hold on to all whom but need my help. I had lit candles and written my prayer I but call, “Candles Of Hope.”

My journey had begun to light up the candles of hope throughout all the houses of this Earth, where no religion shall be a door of separation or a wall of division amongst each other. The wall, we the creation shall but build is of hand in hand, as we light up the candles of hope for one another. I know the greatest power on this Earth is but the human power. United Humans of the United World, where we walk for each other, not against.

So I started my part in this house of hope, where I began to write my prayers I but call songs. I knew these sweet songs of prayers will be your personal songs. You the individual can but recite them for your comfort within your individual house, your inner soul. Open the windows and doors to your inner soul as you awaken and accept these sweet songs of prayers as a gift from another soul who but had written them for you with love and harmony. Within my teardrops, they have but found a river to float on and within each page, they have but found an ark to live within.

May you on this day find within your blessed soul, a house for them as you find your candles of hope within them. 

The sacred human within your inner soul searching for a candle to light up your inner spirit shall but be blessed within these sacred prayers.

May this book be your personal spiritual journey through your inner soul. As I have but found the courage to walk out of my personal cave to give you these prayers I but call songs, may you accept them as you find peace within them.

Today I say to the Holy Archangels and all of the creation of this one world, “Yes, I have but written the songs. Her given name in this world is, Spiritual Songs II: Blessings From A Sacred Soul.



*The cover image used is the official book cover, and an image of Amsterdam taken during my trip in the Netherlands.


  1. I enjoyed the book and will be writing my review soon. This post is beautifully written and helped me see how you wrote some of your songs!

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