Prayers are but the sweetest songs of this mind, body, and soul. Today, as I have released my second prayer book Spiritual Songs II: Blessings From A Sacred Soul, I shall but talk about the book cover, and the story behind this sacred cover.

Guided always by my dreams, I had seen an artist drawing on a paper, a beautiful log bridge made out of piano keys.

He was drawing as I watched him pray to The Holy Spirit. I had stood there with The Holy Archangels as I had asked him what he was drawing. He said the “Bridge Of Mercy.” I had asked him, “Why?”

He had said, “This life is filled with sin.” He just wanted to get out of the sins and be upon a floating bridge where no sin shall touch him, where life is but a gift for all of the creation. No division within the humans, the sinners, or the pious. Where we the judged shall but not judge. I kissed his head. Also, I knew he was a person I had not seen within my life. Yet, somehow I felt like a brotherly connection to him. He had said he had died from AIDS and asked if I was scared of him.

I had told him, “No, for I am but a human who shall hold on to the hands of a sick and healthy child, no matter the age.” He asked, “Are you a nun?” I laughed and told him I wish I was. He told me I reminded him of his mother, or his sister, or the nuns at a Catholic Church. He told me he was not a Catholic. Yet, he wondered what he was as he could not remember. He had said that he just wants to ask, seek, and knock for forgiveness. 

I watched the glow of light enter as I knew The Holy Spirit was there. Also, I knew this person, whoever he was, had the blessings of Heaven upon him.

I had then seen I was walking upon the bridge where there were beautiful autumn leaves all around. The trees were dancing within the breeze with beautiful fall colors. The color changing reminded me of the old and new. The endings and beginnings were connected within the beautiful musical log bridge. It was a bridge made out of logs, yet each log was a piano key.

Within my dream, I knew as the leaves had fallen there were new buds coming back to life. I had picked up the fallen leaves and saw how beautiful and blessed I felt to have them all around me. Within my dream, I compared the red and orange leaves as life that has but given us so much knowledge and left behind sweet memories of love.

The new green leaves were the new beginnings of life. I also compared the red and orange leaves to our own learned lessons of life that but guide us throughout life. The green leaves, I knew were our new beginnings, the glow of hope.

I saw the bridge was made out of a piano linking this life as a journey through musical notes.

The sweet notes of music but awaken our mind, body, and soul. I was walking on top of a dream painting, by the hands of a blessed soul. These were the thoughts of a person who I never knew, yet felt a very close connection with.

I knew within my hands again, I had my second book of prayers as I had walked upon this graceful bridge. I had seen again The Holy Archangels walk with me as I told them, finally I had the courage to print the other prayers I had left out of my first book. They told me so I have the songs completed. I had asked them, “Where was the person who was drawing this picture of hope?”

They told me he had passed away within his sleep. He was a peaceful person who had walked through the struggles of life, yet he never gave up on hope. I knew his name as they had told me. After I awakened from my dream, I had looked him up. I found out there he was in front of me, with his life’s memories walking in front of me.

I never met him or never had known about his family or him. Why had I seen his journey through life? I don’t know. Yet, I know some day I will meet his family through the wonders of this life. I had seen within my dream, his father and grandfather met him on the other side of the bridge. I felt peace and harmony, and knew life does not stop at the end. For then, our journey only begins through peace and harmony.

I had awakened from my dream and started to work on my book cover.

Within my first prayer book (Spiritual Songs: Letters From My Chest), you see a piano within the woods. One rose was placed on top of the piano and there were musical notes floating within the woods. Within this book, I wanted the cover to recreate the picture from my dream. I know justice cannot be done to the picture I had seen within my dreams. I have chosen this completely from the blessed memories from within my dreams. 

Within my second prayer book (Spiritual Songs II: Blessings From A Sacred Soul), I have a log bridge made out of piano keys floating from one side to the other. Within my mind, this bridge connects the seeker to his or her quest through the woods within the fallen leaves of fall. The ever color changing autumn is a reminder of our journey through this amazing life. Musical notes are but our inner quest for peace and harmony. Simple, yet a very peaceful bridge where life is but a journey through the spiritual songs of prayers.

Come walk with me upon this amazing bridge where you too can journey through the Spiritual Songs, and know we are all but travelers of life.

My book cover was created within my dreams, as I had walked upon an amazing graceful bridge where I had found the blessed book cover of my second prayer book. This book cover within my mind, body, and soul is but my blessing and prayer for all the travelers of life. The past, present, and future travelers of life, may my prayers be with you as I am but a traveler walking upon the same bridge we the humans but walk upon through this journey of life.

Throughout this journey, carry within your hands blessings and mercy for all of the humans. Never forget throughout this journey, whatever but is ahead or behind you, hold on to the hands of the sweet songs of prayers and always keep hope alive.

From my inner soul today, I give you the cover picture and the background story behind my Spiritual Songs: Blessings from A Sacred Soul, as my personal blessings.



Blessings from Seattle, 


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