Fall (or as you know her by her given name autumn) is a very sacred time for the mind, body, and soul to rejuvenate. Today, I walked upon my own acreage as I noticed the leaves have started to turn orange. This means they will fall off soon and the trees will be bare.

For a while, we would have to go through this journey where life gives us what we don’t want, but it lands upon our path, either way.

I remembered a dream in which I was within a well. I felt like I was in a situation where I had no option or way out. Within the same dream, I had prayed. I knew where there is no hope, there is still one. In my dream, an orange leaf fell off of a huge tree that had blocked my path. As the leaf had fallen off the tree, I saw a green leaf appear within my hand. I then saw a staircase had appeared from nowhere and I was out of the well.

I knew the orange leaf represented the end of a situation, like within my dream I was in a well. Also, I knew the green leaf had represented new life, new beginnings. I knew I would be out of this well soon. The orange leaf in my situation represented the unwelcome situation that I was in will end and fall off. I would be free as the green leaf meant new beginnings.

The gurus would say an orange leaf falling off means end. A green leaf represents new beginnings in a dream dictionary. Always look into your complete dream.

Look into the complete situation you are in to completely understand your personal dream interpretation.

In my dream, I saw the green leaf within my hand. I saw myself out of the well as there was light within my house. I knew within nature, we find the reflections of life are but hidden. Within my dream I know, even when and where all seemed dark, like the fallen leaves of fall, we should always remember, spring is but around the corner.

Yes, maybe we have to cross the long hard winter, but soon after – spring blooms as the green leaves appear within the bare trees and life blooms again.

I write and talk about my personal dream to give the glimmer of hope to all whom are within a well and are trying to get out of an obstacle life has but brought upon us.

Always know like the tree blooming with green leaves and beautiful flowers bearing fresh fruits are but just like that, within our lives we too find hope glimmering back from the dark nights as dawn breaks open.

This fall as you take a walk, remember life is a blessing and even within all of the darkness, there is hope.

For all of you who are but suffering from physical, emotional, financial, or any other hurdles life has but brought upon your door, know tomorrow life shall bring upon your door – hope, and as she arrives safely and knocks upon your door, do welcome her with all your love and blessings.

Remember the fallen leaves of fall and all the obstacles of life are but education left for us throughout the journey of life. Always know as you recover and learn to walk again, maybe around the corner there is yet another household with another family that has their candles burnt out. Today, do knock upon their doors and light up their candles as you carry the candles of hope.

Never give up on hope, for remember it is you who but always have the candles of hope within your own hands. Even within the dark, starless nights, be the candles of hope for yourself as you guide yourself first then all of whom but need your guidance.

For all of you reading this post, may my prayers be there as a candle of hope for you today and may you be there as a candle of hope for all of whom but need you tomorrow.

I have included a very sacred prayer I had written within my book, Spiritual Songs: Letters From My Chest here today.


Blessings from Seattle,


**The picture used is from my backyard!


2 comments on “AUTUMN’S LESSONS 2018”

  1. Loved this post! I love autumn tho–as a weather but this time I’m in this confused/angry state, the autumn blues getting maybe.. anyways, can’t wait till the spring for this to disappear, might have to find a different way

    1. Always remember, spring is around the corner. Throughout my life, I have always held onto the thread of hope as disappointments arrived at my door. The thread of hope kept me walking to meet my goal at the end of the tunnel. Enjoy the color changes of autumn as you await the leaves to change themselves again and bring spring to all of our doors. Blessings from Seattle!

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