As dawn breaks through and awakens all, please remember to welcome this new found day. Throughout the dark night, be there for each other as a candle guiding all lost and stranded souls.

For me personally, life brings upon my door, obstacles one after another. I try to remove all thorns laid out upon the path as I travel through the journey of life. Life has her own course and she leaves behind obstacles and blessings upon my path.
I welcome each one of them as a blessing.

Obstacles leave behind lessons as she guides me and in return I could guide all of you whom but take the same path and encounter the same obstacles. I will through my words leave a candle burning for all to be guided throughout the dark nights.

The blessings I have encountered within my path I will share as I carry them upon my hands and if you accept, I will hold your hands throughout this journey of life through my blessed words of hope.

Always be there for all of whom you know and all of whom you are yet to encounter, but await in the dark to be seen, to be guided, or just need the candles of hope.

Be the candles of hope for one another throughout eternity. Remember throughout time, your love and blessings shall become immortal through the blessed candles of hope we but light upon the past, the present, and the future. Awaken your inner self today and hold on to the candles of hope. Open the windows and see how your candles have but spread throughout eternity. As she travels throughout time, she leaves behind for the future The Candles Of Hope.

”Candles Of Hope” is a prayer I had written within my book “Spiritual Songs: Letters From My Chest.”

Blessings from Seattle,

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