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Throughout the night skies, the blessed moon shines above, guiding all the travelers on Earth.  I comfortably go to bed as I always have within me, “The Candles Of Hope.” I know dawn shall break through as I shall sing the glories of my Lord through my prayer, “Glory Be To My Lord.” Throughout the nights and throughout the days, we always have the guidance of our Creator.

Personally, I have the miracle door of dreams guiding me from the beyond. For this, I am known as, “The Dream Psychic.”

Do you believe in dreams?

I do, as did the religious scholars, for most religions were based on blessed dreams of blessed souls. The scientific community has not stayed behind. Scientists too, through neurological tests, now have theories of rapid eye movement (REM) and dreams. They have admitted dreams are real, yet what we see in a dream is individualistic.

Not everyone remembers their dreams.

Yet, some of us are chosen to remember these dreams, maybe to guide all around us or warn us about the future. Edward Cayce has a famous quotation, where he says, “Dreams are today’s answers to tomorrow’s questions.”

Why do I call myself a dream psychic?

Blessed I am, as I have had dreams from a very young age. Some of these dreams come true within days, yet some have taken years. I realized the effects only after the dreams had come to reality. Never did I pay attention to them, until they were being displayed in front of me.

I had started to do a lot of research and finally agreed to the fact, I am blessed with a gift. I must accept this gift and only then shall I be able to help myself and others who need my help.

Therefore, I call myself a dream psychic. I am able to see the future or past through my blessed dreams. Yes, I see my future, but I can see yours too. If a person is around me, I see his or her future. Sometimes I see the future of total strangers, who I google after the dream. I find out they do exist and my foreseen future too comes true.

I do not share the future sightings unless I am approached.

Within my book, Spiritual Lighthouse: The Dream Diaries Of Ann Marie Ruby, I have written about only forty nights of my personal dreams.

Each dream has my interpretation and the proof of the outcome as I had found through my time traveling upon this Earth. I believe in dreams and I believe the answers to each dream lies within the future of our lives.

I quoted Carl Jung in my book Spiritual Lighthouse: The Dream Diaries Of Ann Marie Ruby describing dreams as, “The facts from which we must proceed.”

We the humans see various kinds of dreams such as lucid dreams, recurring dreams, prophetic dreams, interconnecting dreams, nightmares, and much more.

I only pay attention to prophetic dreams and interconnecting dreams. Prophetic dreams are where we see the future. Interconnecting dreams are where more than one person in the household or friend circle see the same dream. I do talk about this topic in detail within my books. I want all of you to pick up my two books on dreams to guide yourself through the blessed door of dreams.

In one book, I talk about my forty nights of dreams, always guided by scientific, religious, and philosophical evidence.

In my other book, I go into depth about birth, death, reincarnation, twin flames, dreams, miracles, and end of time, again through my personal dreams. Throughout my book, I keep the scientific, religious, and philosophical evidence along with me. Like I said within my book Spiritual Lighthouse: The Dream Diaries Of Ann Marie Ruby, “Scientific, religious, and philosophical scholars have all traveled upon the same mystical path, inquiring why dreams are but the eternal reflection of time – past, present, and future.”

Today, you too can decode your personal dreams as you take the first step and believe in your own dreams. I always believe in the positive messages and take dreams as my guidance not as nightmares.

I believe in the words of the founder of Jungian Psychology, Carl Jung as I quoted him in my book Eternal Truth: The Tunnel Of Light, “We have forgotten the age-old fact that God speaks chiefly through dreams and visions.”

Just before I wrote this blog post, I had another prophetic dream take place in front of my eyes.

“On a very chilly Friday morning, I had awakened to a very scary dream. I saw I had walked to my barn to finish the remodeling job I had taken upon myself. Yet, this morning I saw a few friends had come over. They wanted to help finish placing the drop down ceiling in the barn. The fireplace was on and we were all having our morning coffee. I sat there taking a break as there were so many friends helping out.

One of them was on a very high 20-foot ladder. He tried to come down but missed his footing and fell on his head. In my dream, I was screaming and asking him to wake up but he was not responding. I started to pray as I saw within my hands, I had my blessed rosary. I cried and in front of me I saw the Holy Spirit had told me with complete faith, this event can be avoided. As I saw the scenery changed, I kept on praying and my friend was standing in front of us. My dream had broken to a very cloudy and chilly day in the foothills of Mount Rainier.”

The following Saturday, I found my friends had come over to help.

I completely forgot about my dream as I enjoyed their company and had a very nice time. As the day passed by, my friend was on a 20-foot ladder. He was trying to help with a tile on the drop down ceiling. I froze in fear as I remembered my dream and I just watched him in front of me. I had a hot cup of coffee in my hands as I ran to grab him as he fell in front of me. The wind had blown the French doors shut as he held on to the French doors as I held on to him. My other friends were there grabbing on to him as well.

All of my friends aside from this one friend had known about my dream. As I thought it was just a dream I did not have the heart to share with him. Yet, I realized I was able to prevent the fall and a nightmare because I had the dream. I was standing there as were my other friends as we all saw him get on the ladder unannounced.

What could have been a nightmare turned into a blessing as we were guided by the miracle door of dreams.

The set of French doors that helped prevent the fall was also a complete miracle from the beyond. Again, my friends and I prayed in union to The Creator for protecting us from the beyond.

A dream psychic is guided through his or her dreams, not through studying the stars or the cosmos but by being guided by the miracles from the beyond. I wish I was a psychic who could see the future or give you a psychic reading like so many others who take their time to analyze our future. Yet, I am only a dream psychic, guided by the blessed dreams given by The Creator.

Today, you too can learn about the miracle door of dreams through my two books I have out for all of you. Within these pages, you will find the answers to the unanswered questions of life we all have but just can’t ask.

I have knocked, sought, and asked the questions. Now, I give my personal profound answers within the pages of my books for you.

Like I had written within my book, “Eternal Truth: The Tunnel Of Light,” “Ask, seek, and knock, our mind, body, and soul were taught, yet when the unanswered questions of life knock, seek, and ask upon our door, it is then we open the doors to faith.”

Believe in your dreams and know they are the answers to your asked questions of life. I am here for all of you through my two given books about this blessed door I call the door of dreams. This door is closed but is opened for you as you too knock, seek, and ask.

Believe in dreams for through this blessed bridge, we the creation are connected to our Creator. This is our phone call answered by our Creator from the above.

Order your copies of Spiritual Lighthouse: The Dream Diaries Of Ann Marie Ruby and Eternal Truth: The Tunnel Of Light.

Blessings from Seattle,

Ann Marie Ruby

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