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Do you believe in dreams? I believe in dreams as they are guidance given to the humans from the beyond. Religious and scientific scholars have been guided by this miraculous door of dreams too.

I believe dreams are just that, dreams, until they become reality.

All of you whom have read my book, Spiritual Lighthouse: The Dream Diaries Of Ann Marie Ruby, published in 2017, know the chapters are coming to life in front of our eyes. Yes, my personal dreams were just that dreams, until the coronavirus (COVID-19) had come down upon Earth as a deadly virus.

In chapter 34 of my book, I talk about a deadly virus that will spread throughout the Earth from one particular land.

I had compared the virus to Zika or a deadly flu type virus. I knew this was a deadly virus that will reduce the human population if not taken seriously or if nothing is done about it. Therefore, I warned the world to unite and work as a team. For in this situation, if one wins, all of us gain.

I had talked about animals who too have suffered from this virus. Animals are spreading it to humans, as they have no voice to warn us. Additionally, I was worried about mosquitoes and how I thought the virus had spread. The chapter covers much, much more.

Many of my dreams are circle dreams as they repeat throughout time.

I wondered if this dream was about Zika or something even worse, as I saw the virus had started in one land and spread throughout the Earth. I saw somewhere an experiment had gone wrong. Somewhere else, viruses were being excavated and unleashed.

This dream was a repeated dream, as I saw it even after I published the book. Over and over again, I saw the world population affected through unknown viruses. I also knew Mother Earth has the healing powers as I mentioned in another chapter. As I had published my other books, I knew these were signs of the end of time, yet The Merciful Lord is always trying to help the children of this Earth.

For a while now, I have known all of my various dreams together were giving me a hint. A more dangerous virus was coming in the future as The Lord is trying to guide me through these blessed dreams. Zika was in the past. Yet, I knew the world will get more viruses that we the humans have started by our wrongdoing.

The first chapter from my book also had come true.

I had talked about a coffin man who was being taken out. Soon after, a coffin with a sarcophagus was taken out in Egypt. My book also talks about how “all thirteen are back.” I had written about Jesus Christ and his twelve disciples. Later on, a teacher and twelve students were safely recovered from a cave in Thailand. Much more dreams from my life had come true, from these forty and others I did not talk about. This coronavirus epidemic that has placed so much fear within all of us today was seen within my dreams years ago as I had shared years ago. The fear and the tears were so real as today I see the fear and tears are being displayed all around the globe.

Let us unite and eradicate these viruses as we also look through the other dreams where The Lord guides us to heal ourselves.

Like I always say, dreams are warnings or guidance from our Creator above to guide us through this Earth. I have tried to talk about dreams through my books and my blog posts. Please help one another as you become the human voice of humanity and spread the sacred words of dreams and the lessons we the humans must learn from.

Throughout time, we the humans were guided by the heavens above like a miracle.

Today, I ask all of you to believe in miracles and know when there is no hope, there is but one, our Creator above. Stand up on your own feet and believe in The One Omnipotent.

Recite the prayers I have written for all humans alike. These prayers, I call songs. I have a prayer I had received called “The Healer.” As I had written in my books, these prayers were written as in a dream, I was told to write the songs. In my dream, I had seen a young man was sick and crying for a prayer. I had placed a prayer in a bottle and had sent it to him. As the bottle floated and he found it, I knew my job was done. Guided by my dreams, I had written the songs in two books for all of you. Recite these songs with your inner soul. Know there is always a prayer out there for all of us to recover. A prayer recited by all humans for all humans shall be heard by The Creator of all humans.

Today, I ask all of you to look into my book, Spiritual Lighthouse: The Dream Diaries Of Ann Marie Ruby, and my book Eternal Truth: The Tunnel Of Light, to be guided by the miracle door of dreams.

Believe in dreams and know where there is a problem, there is also a solution.

Predictions are made and told to be guided by. As always, I pray for this virus to be removed from our Earth through medical breakthroughs and miracle prayers recited in union.

Today, I ask all of you to start drinking lemon water. Add some ginger roots, and some mint leaves to it. You can also try hot water and turmeric.

Yes, like you can see in the cover picture, I always drink lemon, mint, and ginger tea as shown in one of my dreams. Drink only if your doctor agrees these are all right and safe for you to take. Fight the virus as the miracle cure is hidden within Mother Earth and through the blessed hands of the doctors, they shall be found.

Do not fear the coronavirus because in union we shall all be victorious. Remember as always, dreams are the guiding lanterns glowing to guide all the lost and stranded humans. As the lantern becomes my guiding light, I shall be there to guide you too. Please be there for all whom need guidance. We are all in this together. As we cross the lands and borders to help one another, this world will have the rainbow bridge of cure for all humans alike.

Believe in the prophetic dreams as they are there to guide us from the faraway land like a lighthouse. I had named this book Spiritual Lighthouse for that reason. May she be there for all of you as always I shall be there for all of you.

Today, while I give all of you my prophetic predictions through my given books, I would like all of you to also look into my book, The World Hate Crisis: Through The Eyes Of A Dream Psychic. Within this book, I warn the world and all world leaders to pay attention to hate crimes. If we do not do anything. then the world would face another catastrophic crisis. I call this crisis, The World Hate Crisis: Through The Eyes Of A Dream Psychic.

The Spiritual Lighthouse: The Dream Diaries Of Ann Marie Ruby


Blessings from Seattle,

Ann Marie Ruby



  1. Oh my gosh! 2017?! This is amazing. I need to read this book right now! This whole coronavirus thing is so scary. I will be drinking some lemon ginger mint tea and turmeric tea today! Thank you so much for the advice!

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