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Are you fearing the unknown sources of coronavirus (COVID-19)? I will share a personal story that had me shaken more than I thought possible. As the sun sets every evening, I take a shower and recite prayers for all around this globe. Tonight, I cried and panicked over a simple thing I never thought I would cry or panic over, but the human mind has her own feelings. As you all know, throughout my life, I have referred to tears as my best friend.

Today, my pescatarian friends brought Tilapia fish and I agreed to cook for them.

As I was trying to clean the fish, the packet fell from my hands. I had a feeling that this is not right. I always allow all types of food on my table, yet something felt wrong. After I checked, I saw the fish were products of China. I threw all of it out. We all washed our hands and all of us took quick showers. Yes, I panicked and started to cry for reasons I don’t know. I thought, what should we do when the stores around us are carrying products that may or may not be linked to a deadly virus? How do you comfort the wandering minds of the questioners?

As a psychic, I immediately remembered a dream in which I had seen a wharf where fish were sold. In my dream, a man and a woman were walking near the wharf in a bazaar. The woman put black colored things within the food that people were going to purchase. The man and woman were evil as they wanted to spread fear, hatred, or even death around the world. I had seen the same man and women in various dreams, including the dream “All Thirteen Are Back” which I mentioned in my book Spiritual Lighthouse: The Dream Diaries of Ann Marie Ruby.

Dreams are different and the man and woman could represent evil, diseases, etc. My dream shifted to Christ and the 12 disciples. I knew life had been lost, but maybe through intervention and predictions, we can save lives. As the fish fell from my hand today, I had to wonder, are the fish linked to this deadly virus?

Maybe, it is nothing but my feelings told me to avoid the fish. I wonder, why?

Are we getting sick through fish or other products coming from China?

Guided by my dreams I was, am, and shall always be a vegetarian and at this moment, I don’t want to touch these products. Maybe I’m just being paranoid, but I would rather be safe than sorry.

If you all read my blog post on the coronavirus, you know I wrote about this in my book, Spiritual Lighthouse: The Dream Diaries Of Ann Marie Ruby. In the same chapter, I wrote about animals passing on the virus to humans. I saw how the human life expectancy has been reduced from the Abrahamic periods to current times as humans are suffering from unknown diseases. Medical technology is far more advanced now. Life expectancy, however, is one hundred years or less, when people in the past had lived far, far longer.

Let’s all say a prayer in union for all the people suffering from coronavirus around the globe.

Let’s all say a prayer for all of us to be brave and free from the stress of this unknown disease that is roaming around the globe. Also, let’s pray this virus does not affect all of us financially. In another dream, I had seen all around the USA, people were suffering financially. There were a lot of foreclosed homes. What would happen if people have to take time off from work, but can’t afford to do so? Would the government pay for their mortgage, and medical bills? I don’t know the answers, but I know we must do something. So, tonight I do my share. Let us all pray for one another.

Please always remember when and where there is no hope, there is but one.

Tonight, light a candle and pray with me. With this prayer, may you, I, and all the reciters be protected throughout eternity. For always, believe there is nothing more powerful than prayers recited from the pure hearts of the humans united.

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Blessings from Seattle,

Ann Marie Ruby


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