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Are you struggling with anxiety during the coronavirus outbreak?

Today, we the residents of Washington State greeted this day with hope as the clouds above us were still hanging around. After a dark night, we hope for dawn to break out and greet us with all her glory. Yet, what do we do when the day breaks out and we are still covered within a dark and cloudy day? On this day, I pray may all of these obstacles we the humans throughout this day are going through, be removed. This is my prayer for all.

Depression and anxiety break out as we are greeted with a new case of coronavirus spreading around the globe each and every day.

What are we to do? Do we wait for the bad news or move on with hope? How do we cross this bridge and take control over our mind, body, and soul? How do we prevent the situation we cannot control from taking over?

We are all in a vehicle trying to go to our destination safely. Here we need to remember to not let the vehicle take over us. Rather, we need to take control of our vehicle.

So, today I woke up and remembered to take control of the day and not let the day take control of me. How do I do this you ask?

Well throughout time, our past, the present, and the future generation, all have and shall benefit from the basic yoga practices. Aside from being a vegetarian, I welcome yoga, meditation, and prayers into my life.

Let us in union do a simple yoga pose.

Position and start by doing the half lotus posture. Or, even stand up with your hands above your head in a Namaste position. Now try to do the Sun Salutation/Surya Namaskar. Just recite a prayer as you stand under the healing power of the biggest star above us, the sun.

SUN SALUTATION / Surya Namaskar

Stand, sit, or get in a half lotus position and just greet the sun above us.

Welcome the daybreak even if you are stuck in a dark cloudy day. The sun is out there and the dark clouds shall evaporate in due time. Until they do, we keep ourselves bottled up in happiness and rejoice the blessings of the day.

With all the bad news breaking around us, we must all pull together and help one another cross this bridge together. I know during the winter months, a lot of you suffer from “SAD,” or Seasonal Affective Disorder. Some have said this happens because of the lack of sunlight.

For those who suffer from this or even if today’s news is making you depressed, the Sun Salutation is very beneficial. We the humans need to learn the facts of coronavirus and all the risks, but also need to take care of our outer and inner health. In this situation, we need to be strong and stand up on our own feet. Then, we can be there for all. Let the glorious sunlight help you for the sun helps a person when he or she is suffering from jaundice. It is said to lower blood pressure, reduce cholesterol, and much more as it disinfects viruses too.

I ask all of you to take advantage of our Lord’s gift and go and do the Sun Salutation.

This simple practice can benefit us emotionally and physically. Be strong and believe in the miracles of the beyond.

Throughout time and tide, we the humans on Earth will face catastrophes that are not in our control. Yet, today you can take control of your mind, body, and soul, and be happy. Life is a journey where we the humans must hold on to each other and keep on walking forward. Take the lessons of the past and move on to the future.

The loss and devastation we face today shall be a reflecting pond of water left behind from the salty tearful eyes of all humans lost or those who find themselves in the future. Yet, in union we shall all cross this bridge with hope and blessings as we pray for one another in union. As I had written within my book, Eternal Truth: The Tunnel Of Light, birth and death are guaranteed for all, yet the life we live on Earth is our destiny which we create.

Today, you can try to help your fellow citizens by staying away from them if you are ill and not feeling good.

The movies you so much want to go out to and see, or the restaurants you want to try out, or the vacation you had planned to go on for days, even though you know you are not well, is called being selfish. Please do the right thing. Be a first responder by keeping yourself away from all and help save a life. Be the lifesaver and send all the gifts of a yellow life vest by warning others of your situation. You will find the person who you saved to be at your door to help you as the person is your physician or your paramedic. Be there for one another and at the end, we the humans shall cross the bridge safely.

Throughout these dark days, do the Sun Salutation. Do yoga and always recite a blessed prayer from your inner soul. I have written over two hundred prayers for all of you to have during your time of need. These are my gifts for all of the humans throughout this globe. These prayers have no religious affiliations as also reviewed by the reviewers. One such reviewer said she sings to them while she works. Another said these prayers could be recited during meditation. As I meditate or do yoga, I personally recite them as they have given me so much peace.

I hope you all find peace reciting them as I have.

I recite a prayer I call “Glory Be To My Lord” as I do my Sun Salutation and morning meditation. You too today can hold on to these books and feel the blessings within your inner soul.

Be positive throughout these dark days and know when and where we the humans are in trouble, our Creator above is watching over us and shall protect and guide us through this dark and cloudy day.

Do not feel depressed or let the anxiety attacks take over you as at all times you must drive your vehicle.

As a teenager, I had enormous pain in my abdomen and was tired of being told nothing was wrong. A young doctor, an intern at the emergency room, had found out I had gallstones. I was underweight and almost eighteen. I did not fit the typical criteria of a person to have gallstones. So, no one wanted to even go on that route, yet one doctor had. I share this story for one specific reason.

As they took me in for surgery, I was so happy and smiled. The doctors had said they don’t know why I was smiling as my stones were very small, so it was a risky surgery. I told them I was happy they know what is wrong with me, so now all shall be okay as we can walk through the cure. They were shocked at my reaction but did retell the story to others. Yes, the stones were all out and today I am here retelling my story because they found out the obstacle and we were able to remove it.

When the disease is unknown, so is the cure. If we all know the problem, we can all walk through the solution together.

Today, we all know the solution to these dark days and we shall all walk through this river as we create a bridge helping and teaching one another.

Never fear the known. When we can see the obstacles, we can remove them. Be happy and pray for one another. Be the leader and avoid all the things we were all guided by the doctors of this world to avoid. The situation looks dark, but know dawn shall break through. We the humans shall welcome the bright new dawn as the sun will shine upon all of us very, very soon.

I will share my favorite drink I make to keep myself going during the cold winter nights. I make tea, boiling all the ingredients together.

  • Ginger
  • Lemon juice
  • Mint
  • Turmeric grind/powder
  • Pinch of chili powder for my taste as I like spicy drinks.

Ginger Lemon Tea

I also have another recipe for soup, which I love, but it is not for all as these ingredients are spicy. I boil these ingredients together in a pot.

  • Onion
  • Garlic
  • Ginger
  • Turmeric
  • Lemon juice
  • Mint
  • Pinch of salt
  • Add your choice of vegetables


All of these also have different side effects, so always talk with your medical advisor before consumption. I place the amounts as I feel like I can taste and not make it bitter. In my soup, I added okra. In different parts of the world, people take them as they make different teas and soups to their taste.

Remember you can be the healer for all by keeping yourself in seclusion if you have a cold, flu, or anything you feel might be contagious. Be there for the humans who look upon you for your help. When a person asked for your hand, do not give it if you are sick. At all times, I ask for a helping hand amongst all of us the humans. Today, I ask you not to share your hands as by doing this, you might be the cause of the suffering not the cure.

Be there oh humans for one another, by sharing your love, kindness, and prayers, not by sharing your viruses.

Be strong and please do meditation, yoga, and Sun Salutation, as these will help reduce your stress. Remember, “Where and when there is no hope, there is but one.”

You can find my prayer books in which I have prayers for all, here:

Spiritual Songs: Letters From My Chest

Spiritual Songs II: Blessings From A Sacred Soul

Blessings from Seattle,

Ann Marie Ruby



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