Life’s journey upon Earth is a reaction to our action, also known as the wagon of karma. Karma is a Sanskrit word which actually means action. In Hinduism and Buddhism, the concept of karma is mentioned and it is believed that reincarnation is the reaction of karma. Philosophers, however, have also spoken about karma as throughout time, karma has taken birth within our society.

Karma has spread from Hinduism to other parts of the society.

We have accepted karma within our lives as did the scientific scholars like Issac Newton.

“For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.”

-Issac Newton

Life is a spiritual wagon, where we keep moving forward. Yet at times, our wagon stops for a break to renew ourselves or to refill our inner and outer selves with new spiritual energies. We all try to refill ourselves with complete spiritual energies, yet we all still feel incomplete. Why?

The answer is simple. Our answers lay ahead within our journey, for you will find the answers as you complete your journey through life. This life is a test and you are participating in this test. Do remember though, the answers to your unanswered questions are the reaction to your actions. I personally compare my life to karma, as I believe life teaches me as I keep moving forward.

As a child, I went to school in Brisbane, Australia where I learned about boomerangs and how they work. If I had thrown one in the open air, it would still come back to me.

I wondered how even though we all had our own boomerangs, all the boomerangs had gone and come back differently as the holder of the boomerang had thrown differently.

I, now through the progression of age, can compare them to the reactions of our own actions. As a yogini, I now know this is also known as karma.

What is karma and how does this karma affect us individually? How does it affect us the society?

Within a tsunami or a catastrophic earthquake, we are all affected through the gravity of nature with or without our own choice. In the spiritual world, I call karma this gravity. As an individual or a group, we are all pulled within this karmic world through our karmas.

I had seen how my past actions had affected my current situation in life, like my personal decision to buy a property so far away from a major city. I realized for a single woman, it is hard to manage twenty acres of land. As I missed being in downtown Seattle, I felt lonely at times. So this was bad karma. Yet, each karma has two sides, a bad and a good.

The good karma for me was, I was lucky I was not in downtown Seattle area when the COVID-19 pandemic had broken out. I did not have to worry about walking my dog with or without a mask. I did not have to worry how to manage this simple task as being within close proximity to the epicenter of the pandemic is a huge challenge. Within the safety of my twenty acre property, my dog can run freely and I don’t have to worry about him.

This is past karma, yet the future karma still roams ahead of me, as I have to keep an eye out for wild animals when I walk with him.

The future karma is a reaction of our present actions.

So, we the humans must walk, talk, and act accordingly as at all corners, remember your own actions will come flying back at you like a boomerang as your own karma.

Right now, our world faces the reactions of our combined karmic actions.

All the world citizens in union must take action to be a part of the recovery team of COVID-19, not the cause of this pandemic. All countries across this globe must work in union for each other. We the humans must heal one another across the globe. Do this for humanity. Do this for yourself if not for others, as when you heal yourself, it is then you shall heal others too.

Remember the lesson of karma is not revenge. Karma is your own self-doing and the reaction of your own actions. You can remove this by yourself and be free from all negativity as you become the bearer of positivity.

I believe karma is the teacher of life.

When we see the effects of our wrong actions of life, it is then we learn and move on toward the right. A simple example is drunk drivers. Their actions have taught us not to drink and drive. This is an action that had taken place and taught us through the wagon of karma what we need to do for this action not to result in a bad reaction.

Today, we the world citizens need to stop and think. Did we do anything that had made this COVID-19 into a catastrophic pandemic? Could we have prevented this from becoming a pandemic? What if we had stopped this in track where it had begun? Would you the citizens then had believed this to be a catastrophic pandemic that had been prevented?

Maybe not, for then we would have found ourselves watching this pandemic that might have been on the movie sets, not replaying within our present lives.

I had predicted the COVID-19 outbreak within my book Spiritual Lighthouse: The Dream Diaries Of Ann Marie Ruby.

Today, I would want all of you to take a break and find your inner spiritual awakening, for the humans all across this globe.

Know this pandemic is a catastrophic journey for us to take a lesson from. Believe in karma and remember the saying by Confucius.

“Don’t do unto others what you don’t want done unto you.”


Awaken your inner spirit and unite for all through belief of the future karma. Let us all in union prevent the destructions of COVID-19, through the lessons taught through the lives given to this pandemic. Do not spread this virus and cause another innocent life to go too early. Let us be the cure by doing as the scientific scholars ask us to do or be, until a cure is found.

This sacrifice we do today is not a sacrifice but our combined love for all of the future generations. This is a good karma that will overshadow all the bad karmas combined. We must place our good karmas on the weighing machines to outweigh the bad karmas to move forward. In union, we shall all figure out how this happened and the cure to this catastrophic storm. We the world citizens for one another must not hide the cause of this catastrophic storm for then the cure too will be delayed.

May the world citizens unite for one another and move forward with only good karmas.

Life is a journey through lessons learned and failed. We must not go backward as we fail a lesson, but get back up and try again until we succeed for one another. It matters not who succeeds for we all need someone to succeed and take us all out of this well into which we the world citizens have fallen.

I believe and know in the future, our combined prayers during this catastrophic storm shall be answered. Never lose faith or hope as you stand alone today, fighting this storm. Remember, we all stand for one another. You don’t see me nor can I see you, yet our destination is the same as our path is the same. Our path is a future where our future generation only remembers this catastrophic pandemic through the pages of history, not as the people living within this pandemic.

Believe in yourself and believe in good karmas.

I pray today, may all citizens across this globe take part in good karmas, and do their share. Be safe yourself and let your actions be the saving grace for another unknown life. In union, let us go through this storm as we shall all find ourselves in the clear, within the bright sunlight of a new dawn.

Today, say a prayer for all the scientific scholars across this globe. May they stay safe and save our human generations through their research for a cure. Believe in the future and know the cure is waiting in a jar within the hands of a scientific scholar as the future comes and meets us, the present.

Until our amazing union at the junction of a miracle, I want to again remind you, I have a jug of my wonderful lemon drink I take throughout the cold winters and the heated summer nights.

This drink helps me and I know it shall help you too. For my love for all of you, I had in my other blog posts gifted you the ingredients to my jug of water. For all of you, I hold on to this amazing jug of water as I know until dawn breaks through, we all shall be safe as I pray for all of you. Do pray for me too, my Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, religious or non-religious family and friends.

Be blessed and be positive with blessings,

Ann Marie Ruby

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