“Where there is no hope, there is but one.”

-Ann Marie Ruby

Hope and faith find their way to you first as then they guide you out of the darkness to the first sight of dawn. Do not fear the darkness for after each dark night, dawn peaks through. Today amongst us, there are people trying to spread fear and take the world into another nightmare where the darkness never evaporates. Do not be the bearers of fear where you should only spread wisdom of hope. Do not spread the virus through your actions, as you should only be the bearers of good news, not the virus.

I was watching the news as I saw a woman foreseeing the future for us in her words.

After listening to her, I realized her message is our future is grim. I said to her from my living room, she was not the blessed scientist who will find the cure nor was she a psychic who can foretell the future. She was only a person with name and fame trying to show what she believes and make money from her fear tactics.

I received a phone call from a frightened young girl who was crying in fear of what this person just predicted on the television. I looked up on my social media as I saw people were all writing how could a person go on television promoting fear when we all need the voices of calm scientific scholars, religious scholars, and mystical scholars to guide our world to a sacred meditative stage, until dawn breaks through.

So again, I take my pen to paper to remind you all, this life is a journey. We all enter this world and when our individual journeys come to an end, we return back to where we came from. Yet right now, we the world citizens are all in a boat together trying to find our way to safety, from this catastrophic pandemic storm.

The spiritual lighthouse is hidden in the fog of the darkness, yet it will start to glow as scientists around the globe are working on this in union.

Let us all around the globe light our candles of hope in union for one and all. Turn your home into a glowing lantern of hope and even throughout this catastrophic storm, keep this lantern glowing. This lantern needs not any batteries nor any electricity, for it glows only with hope and faith.

How do I know the future holds hope and faith for us?

As a dream psychic, I had foreseen the coronavirus pandemic in my dreams. I know the cure to this catastrophic pandemic is also within our near future.

Your future generation will read about our journeys through this storm, in the libraries of life. Some of our stories will be printed and some will be remembered through the words of the storytellers throughout time. Not all stories will be printed or retold, but will be like the footprints in the sands that will be erased with the waves of times. Yet, the waves of the ocean and the Earth beneath our footprints will keep our memories buried alive within her chest.

Today though, I want all of you to remember your stories through this pandemic shall be the guiding lighthouse for our combined future generations. Your children and your neighbors’ children, or the strangers’ children who you have never met will all unitedly be protected and guided through your combined tears of prayers.

Never give up on hope for then the fearmongers win.

All the fearmongers can do is grip all into fear. Learn from them, learn from the scientific scholars. Keep yourself safe within this ark of life until dawn breaks through. Do not risk yourself or place another stranger in risk by your actions. We all must keep the life jacket on ourselves as then we can save all the others who can’t swim on their own until we all reach land.

During this period, however, I would like you to not let fear grip you for then you lose your hope and fall off the ark of life. Do not fall prey into depression, or fear as your life jacket for now is your hope and faith, with precautionary measures to protect yourself and all of the humans from this catastrophic storm.

As I had told my young friend to guide herself through meditation, yoga, guidance from the scientific scholars, and above all, belief in herself that all shall be fine. She told me my books were her saving grace as within them, she found hope and strength when she needed them most.

I do not believe in the fearmongers or their stories as I have foreseen the future.

I believe in positive vibes and prayers above and beyond anything. Here, I want to talk about my personal life story from the past.

Years ago as a teenager, I was in a lot of pain. I had no clue where it was coming from. Always, I had been in the underweight category and had a hard time gaining weight. I had been in and out of the hospital as the doctors had tried to figure out what was wrong with me. Yes, my personal dreams had guided me to my solution, as I had asked an emergency room physician to check if the problem was with my gall bladder. The doctors refused to admit there was a problem as they repeated they found nothing wrong. I kept on foreseeing I must remove the stones as otherwise my life would be in risk. The emergency physician without asking his supervisor had helped me and later I was taken to emergency surgery.

The senior doctors had come and apologized.

If the surgery had not been completed in time, I would have not been here to retell my own story from a dark night’s storm. At that time, I had no support but my own dreams to guide me. The emergency room doctor was my guiding lighthouse who by being there had saved my life. The doctor who had performed the surgery said he had never seen a person so happy to go into surgery before. I had told him I have my hope and faith as my guide. I know all storms come to an end be it in this life or another. Life is a complete miracle as storms come and go, yet we must hold on to the anchors of hope and faith as our guide.

Always know there will be a captain for this invisible storm to guide us and take all of us into safety, known as the miraculous scientific scholars. These scholars will never give up on hope. They know where there are hope, faith, and belief, there will be a way out. We just need to keep on sailing. I believe even when all hope is lost, there is one called The Omnipotent.

Never fall prey to the whispers of negativity for she is the queen of fear.

She loves to hide in the dark, where she can be the boss as she frightens all and takes control. Hold on to your candles of hope. Even when fear comes upon as a windstorm, hold on to your hope and faith with a stronger grip. Keep on singing the sweet prayers, whether you are a Hindu, a Christian, a Jew, a Muslim, or a follower of your chosen faith. Sing in your own tune your own musical prayers, and know they will guide you to safety.

I, a dream psychic, tell you we will have a vaccine and it will be administered I believe in three doses as an injection.

Yet, we must all find out how this virus had come to be as then we can prevent our future generations from ever being exposed to yet another pandemic like this one.

Did I see how the coronavirus came?

Yes, I have and I had retold these dreams in various chapters throughout my book Spiritual Lighthouse: The Dream Diaries Of Ann Marie Ruby during 2017, and within my blog posts. I will discuss this in detail within my future blog posts.

Today, however, I want to go back to the one person I had witnessed talking on the television news. She had been allowed to talk about her theory and frighten all humans as she had a name to herself. I believe in situations like a pandemic, aside from a scientific scholar, we the people should not voice fear when we cannot be the voice of hope. Even the scientific scholars do not know how life came to existence or where life goes to. They are not The Creator or The Omnipresence, so they cannot predict a miracle or will never deny a miracle. For how can they as they know their scientific results are also a complete miracle.

They find themselves stricken by the lightning from the doors of miracles throughout the journeys of their life. A medical healer who takes an oath to save life will never say they can’t save this life until the last breath. We the humans with hope and blessings should never give up on the door of miracles. The door of miracles is where we came from and to this door we go at the end of our journey.

Life is a miracle. I want all of you to hold on to the candles of hope. All families across this globe, keep the united lanterns glowing as I, a dream psychic, promise you we shall see dawn tomorrow. This tomorrow might come late as this night is longer than an average night. Yet, it will be over.

Please do not let fear grip a nation through the voices of fearmongers.

Be wise and listen to the voices of scientific scholars, religious scholars, and others you know only would want to help you, not take you to the wrong.

I warn all to be careful of their words of wisdom as you do not want a person who is depressed into fear, to take your voices of fear to be yet another pandemic. If you are trying to handle this society, do as a parent would. Guide and settle others down with love and care. Give them hope and blessings in the words of the wise. Carefully guide them as you tell them with honest truth, yet with hope always. Guide them to safety as you place the life jacket upon them and yourself. Show them the shore is not yet visible, but it is there. We shall all land upon it as we help and be there for one another. Please do not bring upon any nation across this globe another pandemic storm from your catastrophic fear spreading tactics.

You can gather all in love as you can also protect all through love.

Love is and shall always be victorious as love is above and beyond all. Love is my Lord, my Creator. For my Lord, I have this blessed life, and for my Lord, I live this blessed life. In union, we the world citizens shall be victorious. This journey is tough, but we the humans are tougher. I shall be there for you with my words of hope and faith. I believe this is an exam we the humans are taking. Here we don’t take it alone or keep our answers hidden from one another. We share the answers with one another. In union here, we shall all pass our test through this pandemic known as COVID-19.

Do not spread fear in the time of a crisis. Spread hope.

I will keep my lanterns of hope glowing for myself, and all of you. Please keep your lanterns of hope glowing for yourself and me. Be the bearers of hope, not fear.


Ann Marie Ruby


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