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Do you believe life is a sandstorm, a windstorm, or a thunderstorm? Or is life a blessed sunny and warm spring day?

I believe life is but a day. This day is filled with all of the above. I only see the reflections of my life looking back at me through the mirror. Looking back at my own footsteps upon the reflective mirror, I only know I can change the future but not erase the past.

The sandstorms that will appear after I have left my footsteps will not erase these footprints for they are but installed within each individual memory bank. I have arrived at a stage in my life where I know I must open the doors of the past, and the present, and make sure my future is but a reflection of my present not my past.

Open the doors of your past and watch the reflection through your memory bank. Do you like the picture? Would you change anything? What do you expect your future to look like?

Give yourself the gift of rejuvenation and feel the blessings as you find what you want to see, not what you had seen. Give yourself the gift and change your destination. The present is a gift so we can give ourselves a gift and arrive in the near future the way we would want to see ourselves.

The future is awaiting our arrival.

Let’s walk upon the sand and make our own footprints. Let’s not look at the footprints left by our past generations but take the advice of caution and walk with care as we create our own destination.

Life is a miracle and we always have a second chance. As we the present become the past, we can guide ourselves and leave a caution note implanted within the books of history, a lesson for the future. If life gives us a second chance, we shall greet the future carrying our own notes. If we don’t get a chance, someone in the future would get our note and be safe as we would guide them from the past.

Even if we could guide and help one soul, I believe our life goal would be met.

I ask all of you to talk about your loss, your mistakes, and how you have walked upon this mountain holding on to the sacred walking cane of faith, honor, and justice.

May my books be a guide to all of whom are but seeking a helping hand.

My inspirational quotations I call “Spiritual Ark,” is for all of whom but need the ark of inspiration.

My “Spiritual Songs” I have written for all the humans to sing in union, the sweet songs of sacred prayers for the soul.

My “Spiritual Lighthouse” for all of you whom believe in the parallel world, where dreams but guide all sacred souls seeking solace for the soul.

May I be there for you today, tomorrow, and for eternity through the pages of my blessed books. This is my sacred gift for all of you. Hold them within your blessed hands and know through them you have my blessings forever.

Blessings from Seattle,

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