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Gig Harbor, a quiet vacation retreat, with the sailboats, and the restaurants, a small place with yet so much life. I have rented a small 1900s farmhouse style cottage. However, I stayed at a hotel for a few days as my house is being delayed by one thing or another. I have decided to move into a cottage style home as I await my home.

Why did I move out of a hotel? The hotel was not for me, as I watched the employees and the customers, for each customer comes with his or her own stories of life and stay over for a night or two and move on. All the people want is a nice quiet resting place for their mind, body, and soul.

Yet, the hotel crew is sometimes responsible for the uncomfortable situation we face at various hotels or the wonderful feelings we have after staying at a nice place. I will not name the hotel as I never leave a bad review nor have I ever within my capacity defamed anyone within my life.

I am a person who walks away and just never says anything, yet I keep the feelings within my soul and I always share with myself as I write out my journal and let the pages be there as my solace.

Within this hotel, there were so many things done unjustly and so much going on. I thought why should a person pay for such an unhealthy mental torture? I realized within this world we have choices. We can forgive and not see how within the free breakfast buffet the management treats different race, color, and religion, in front of my eyes, differently.  I had seen how the cafeteria people had treated a group of missionary people visiting from a foreign country. They were saying things about people who had devoted their lives for nothing but serving all others who come in front or within their lives.

I watched how the management crew made fun and called out how the missionaries all had huge appetites and finished all of the breakfast buffet.

The next day, I watched a dance group come over and the hotel was a haven to a messy adult stage show or something. I knew all people have their own ways of life and the dancers were really nice and went on their own ways. Yet I watched the same cafeteria group giving them so much time and attention. I wondered why they were so different yesterday.

I then had other personal reasons as too much of this unjust had touched me personally, and I could not take unjust done to anyone in front of me. What do I do? Just not speak? Stay to myself like I always do? Or wait for my house to close and leave at the due time.

I decided to speak up and I did talk with the manager and told her I will be leaving as I cannot stay and have the same bread from a woman who sees so many differences just because of race, color, and religion. She did apologize and knew what I was talking about as she tried to convince me to stay. Personally though, I thought her words just sounded so empty.

I asked her did she have any child of her own?

As I heard her cafeteria manager ask a child, a teenage child about sixteen years of age why he had two biscuits and potatoes on his plate as he should not overfill his plate for these foods were for all to share.

I watched the family of a teenager with tears in their eyes watch over their child and think what was wrong? Does this woman ask everyone about food amount at a buffet?

I had watched her serve people just before this family and thought how unfair and how low could one go? If this cafeteria manager wanted to disgrace a foreign family then she just did. I thought why did she do this and what would she gain by this? How can I an observer say anything, or do anything for all of these actions just disappeared in front of me as they had arrived in front of my own eyes.

I had checked out from that hotel as I could not support the hotel for my personal views.

Yet, I saw how all of the management had just stood there protecting their own. I asked myself, what if my own had wronged? I would be the first one to stand up and tell him or her about the wrong. Therefore, I would stand against any wrong even if I had to support another person and not my own. How you ask? Well, if I am the human and The Creator is but The Creator of all, does that not make all creation my siblings or my family?

I did think why do all of these hurdles and injustice just appear in front of my eyes? Why do I feel for one and all? Why does injustice hurt me more than all physical pain?

I knew the answer as I walked into this lovely cottage with a small kitchen, a small family room, a beautifully decorated vacation rental within Gig Harbor with a peekaboo view of the harbor. Also, I knew I am just me, and my views are just that, my personal views.

I will hold all newborn children from all race, color, and religion within my arms in a cozy blanket as long as I can.

Never will I let any one of you feel the pain. Even when the baby grows up to be an adult, I will still see the child within all grown up adults. I pray may I only see the face of a child within each grown up adult.

I will talk about my new home as I move in soon. This vacation rental is peaceful, serene, and just perfect. The bed felt just right, not too soft or hard, or cold or warm. I thought about Goldilocks and thought no I am just, Ann Marie, Ann Marie Ruby the author, from Seattle.

Blessings from Seattle,



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