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Do you want to travel through time with me?

Traveling through this Earth, or even traveling to the moon is now but only a few steps away from you, and your sacred freedom. Yet, not everyone can even travel to a different city or just take a break from all the burdens of life.

Financial and physical burdens prevent us from this sacred journey of life. I believe you can travel throughout the universe or even throughout time, through the most sacred spiritual journey given to all sacred souls of this universe. This journey requires no financial assistance, for this journey only requires your complete faith within yourself. 

Travel through time where your great grandparents had lived or walked upon this Earth, where time has moved on yet they are still frozen within their time periods as they were left behind. When and where you had walked into your kindergarten class, scared to let go of your parents’ hands, or frightened thinking, “What if they forget to pick me up?” All the fears that were then the most fearful event of your life, are yet now only a blessed memory.

How do you travel through time and still walk with the present? How do you the present become the past, and only a memory, as time but walks past you?

All of these mystical answers are but hidden within our mind, body, and soul, where time is but a mystery and life is but a miracle. This universe has given all of us the unanswered questions and at times the blessings pour upon us as we are given the sacred answers.

I am one of the blessed ones who have but traveled to different time zones and lands across the ocean, yet without setting my foot outside of my private grotto. I had traveled to places left behind as time had left them within the pages of history, yet I walked with them, cried with them, and shared their life stories as I had awakened to reality and realized I have witnessed a miracle as these places and faces came to life throughout time and throughout history. The buildings, the landscape, all but remained the same, yet the faces have changed throughout time. I have time traveled through the mystical door of dreams. Do you believe in dreams? Do you believe in miracles?

Or, do you believe in the mystics, the religious scholars, the scientists, who but all have traveled these mystical lanes and come to a conclusion? They too believe in the sacred door, the door which opens as the sacred soul but seeks her. This door is the blessed door of the believers and the blessings of the unknown.

Travel with me through this sacred door. Maybe she will open up for you, where you too can enter and find out for yourself why even to this day no one knows how this sacred door opens.

Yet, religions have been based upon this sacred door opening to the religious scholars just like the mystics have traveled throughout time, and the scientists have walked upon this path acknowledging this is a door that exists which people have traveled through. Yet how, why, where, or what is contained within this door or the content of each individual soul is a mystery, and maybe this will remain a mystery for our soul seeks the unknown mystery of the universe and all the answers to all inquisitive minds are but hidden behind this door.

Today you too could travel through this mystical door to the unknown lands, to time’s past, or even to the future yet to come. “How?” you ask me. My answer is simple, “Through faith.” No financial burden shall befall, nor shall any time be taken away from your daily routine. All you need for this trip is to have pure faith. Tonight as you lay down for your daily rest after your daily bread and water, as the moon comes shining through your windows, or the sound of the raindrops falling outside puts your mind, body, and soul to complete rest for the day, have faith within your own dreams. You shall be the only witness firsthand to your own dreams. I was the only witness firsthand to my dreams and created my sacred blessed dream diaries.

I call her, “Spiritual Lighthouse: The Dream Diaries Of Ann Marie Ruby.”

Walk through the pages of my very personal diary and maybe you too will awaken to this unknown parallel world where all the sacred answers to your sacred questions are but hidden.

Have faith within yourself and know this sacred door is but hidden within your soul. Open this sacred door, and know you only need to knock, seek, and ask upon her for then this sacred door will open.

Blessings from Seattle,

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