I was at a bank opening a business account. The whole place was crowded, yet there was nice service. I waited at the sitting area and immediately I opened my iPhone. I got on my social network trying to see all the missed messages and friend requests. As I scrolled through my phone, I looked up to see all the people around me.

My hands froze on my phone.

I saw every single person waiting to be helped had their phones open. They were busy within their own world. I had no clue who was sitting next to me, nor did I ask. Self-immersed within my own world, I but was. I thought how and when did this happen? Why have I let the advanced social media life drown me within my own self? I felt like I had my feet within two boats pulling me in different directions. My basic moral values were letting me know, it’s okay to move forward but don’t let go of the basic human values.

Was I trying to ignore people or hide within my phone? I heard a child screaming and crying. I heard a mother trying to calm her young children. What has happened to me, or to the person sitting next to me? I thought we would all walk out of here not even remembering who sat next to each other. Was there a man or a woman sitting next to me who just walked out? I had smiled as the person had said something, but I totally ignored the person. Then, I thought this is something I can change and I must start to change myself first, then at least one person would be the changed. I love to be there for all, yet I am scared of this society as you don’t ever want to interfere within the other person’s privacy.

However, I was taken back in time as I thought of the years I had left behind through the journey of my life.

I walked back a few years and I remembered how I would walk into my bank or hair salon and meet and greet new people. I would share my life stories and listen to their stories. Some stories I would bring back with me to my house and carry within my soul throughout eternity. Love stories of an elderly couple from New Orleans still keep my faith alive within true soulmates. They had celebrated their sixtieth wedding anniversary and were holding on to each other. I found out he had last stage cancer, yet they were happy just to be together. I brought their sacred union home with me as they would never know. Even though years have past, I still hold on to their faith.

An elderly man in Orlando, Florida was having the most adventurous joy ride of his life as he had taken a ride in the Harry Potter Forbidden Journey ride. I had walked off the ride as I felt dizzy and he laughed and told me he enjoyed this so much that he will keep these memories alive within his soul for the rest of his life.

I watched him and realized he had his granddaughter with him for the first time in his life. He told me his daughter had run away from home and just returned home after twelve years with his ten year old granddaughter. He told me he never was upset at his daughter for anything is better than being separated from his daughter and granddaughter. The daughter, a very blessed soul, watched her father with tears in her eyes and told me she is so blessed he never questioned or asked any questions about her whereabouts, but just told her he is happy she is finally home.

I thought about the birds I saw flying back home after a cold, hard winter.

So hard is their journey, yet with their little wings flying in the winds, they return home.

I came back to the present times as I thought there is no fault involved as we have moved on to a stage within our society where we don’t ask, seek, or knock on anyone’s privacy. Social media has taken us to a stage where we engage within all in an advanced technological way. Is it all good or bad?

I know we can be anywhere on this Earth and befriend different race and culture from all around the Earth.

This is a blessing as the world has become smaller. Even though I am in Seattle, I am friends with people from all around the Earth.

I also saw an elderly woman walk in as all she wanted to do was talk with someone. She was smiling and with the help of her walker, she was independently walking all around and helping herself. She watched all the busy people around her and had the biggest smile I have seen in years. I went and sat next to her as we talked about her life. I enjoyed her company more than she will ever realize. She spoke about her children, her grandchildren, and her great grandchildren. She was a strong woman with so much to give back to all of us, just from her life experiences. I wondered why don’t we just make time and sit with her and listen to her journey through life? She had so much to teach us from her journey through life.

I know we shall all journey through the same path as we too are heading upon the same direction. This is a one-way road from birth to death.

If only we could hold on to the messages of all the past travelers.

I know I should be the first person to change as social media is a blessed path for the future to grow, yet I also think we must hold on to the sacred hands of the travelers who are but at the end of their journeys and save their life experiences for all to be guided by.

Life is a gift and we are the blessed as we can now save on social media the sacred messages of all sacred travelers who but have completed their journey through life. Remember they leave behind for us their life stories as a guide.

As we take a step forward with all the advances of the future, let us the sacred not forget all the gifts of the past. Let us use this social media to hold on to the messages of the past. Let us be there for one another and not let a lonely soul cry herself or himself to bed because they are lonely when within this vast ocean of life, we have sacred souls floating all around.

If you are feeling lonely and need to share your lonely stories, I will be there for you.

May my love spread within the sacred hearts of all blessed souls, and may you too awaken to hold on to the hands of another lonely soul. Let us in union be there for one and all of the past, present, and future.

For my share, I had turned off my phone and just enjoyed the blessed day out. A trip to my local bank, a trip to my hardware store, a trip to the vet, and finally a nice drive back home through the foothills of Mount Rainier.

Tomorrow with the break of dawn, I shall start my day with my newly found wisdom of life. Learn from the past, live with the present, and change the future for a better and brighter tomorrow for all.

Blessings from Seattle,



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