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MY NEW YEAR MESSAGEAnother temporary guest, 2018, arrives upon our door as we bid farewell to our temporary guest, 2017. Each year dawns upon us with her blessings and cautionary words of the future. She guides us through the monsoons and bright summer days. She lights a candle for us throughout the dark nights’ skies. May we bid her farewell as she leaves us through the wagon of time. Temporary guest she was within our lives for a while. She walks through time as she teaches the past, the present, and the future along her journey of life. Are we the guest, or was she the guest, I ask myself as I approach the New Year’s celebrations.

Now, I know this year too will bid her farewell as time but passes by.

I hold on to the lessons learned throughout time and carry them along my journey of life. I too shall leave them for the past, the present, and the future as life is but the diary of a time traveler’s journey. May this New Year be another page in our diary. May we write the journal and pass it on for the future generations. There are no failures, dissatisfaction, or disappointments in life. All of this is but another lesson left for the future as we become the past and the future but becomes the present.

Let the lessons learned this year be a guide for all of whom but shall cross the same destiny we have crossed yet in the future. Let us guide them from the past. May their future be bright and blessed for the guidance of the past. May all creation of The Creator hold hands and know there is always hope glowing like a candle guiding all from the Spiritual Lighthouse. Be in peace and spread peace as you walk into yet another, blessed and peaceful New Year.

These are both pictures from my house on New Year’s Eve.

Blessings from Seattle,

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