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Sacred spiritual awakening gave me the courage to become a vegetarian seven years ago. I traveled to India, where sacred mystical spirituality was reborn within my soul. Rebirth, love, sacred spirituality roams around the soul of this country. To this day, I carry this sacred wisdom of this land within my soul.

After years have passed by, I traveled yet to another sacred country where the windmills whisper love stories in the air.

Flowers bloom as they prove the most beautiful carpets were created by Mother Nature. Castles stand tall as they share the stories of how the witches found peace and serenity and protection within this land. All life is valued as equal and all race, color, and religion bloom across this beautiful land I call my dream land, The Netherlands, or as the locals still call this land Holland. Two great nations with so much difference, yet united through love and peace and the dreams of all kind hearted souls. For me these two nations have awakened my spiritual soul as they awakened me through my sacred dreams.

Travel through my dream diary as these two nations come to life through my sacred dreams

. Do you believe in dreams? After you take a journey through my dream diary, you too will revisit the aspects of all sacred dreams. “Dreams are today’s answers to tomorrow’s questions.” – Edgar Cayce. This is a picture of Kasteel De Haar from my trip in the Netherlands.

Blessings from Seattle,

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