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Binnenhof Complex

The Netherlands is a country far away, yet very sacred to my spiritual awakening. Spirituality is a sacred door hidden within all human souls. I believe all humans have within them this hidden spiritual door. Some of us are blessed to have found this door. I had written a prayer in which I talk about

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Europe Travel: From My Trip In the Netherlands

Travel through this sacred land as I describe her within my seventh book, as my “Final Chapter.” I have written this dedication chapter, walking through my sacred dreams, yet I let this country guide me through my dreams. Within my sacred dreams, some of these iconic places had come to life while yet completely unknown

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Why the Netherlands?

Why have I picked the Netherlands to dedicate my very sacred book? My soul seeks peace and serenity where I could find justice for all of my sacred dreams. People accused of witchcraft had escaped to within this land for justice, and history stands tall as we still see within this land, there stands the

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Spiritual Motivators

From Seattle 🇺🇸 to the Netherlands 🇳🇱 to the Himalayas 🇮🇳, wherever there is a human there is humanity. Love spreads throughout this universe uniting all humans within her mysterious enchantment. May my words of motivation reach all souls seeking spiritual healing through words of wisdom. From love, I have woven my books, I but

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