The Netherlands: Land Of My Dreams book trailer

Did you ever fall in love?

The answer would be yes most of the time, but I have not fallen in love. Not with anyone, as of yet. I have, however, fallen in love with a faraway land. I call her my dreamland and you all know her as the Netherlands.

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How do you fall in love with a land?

Her mystical North Sea pulled me to her shore where I had walked upon the sands. I watched my footprints disappear as I walked past by them. Yet, I kept the memories alive within my chest as I knew I had fallen in love with this mystical land I call my dreamland.

Come take a tour through this land within the pages of my book and my book trailer to keep all of you on a vacation throughout time.

The traveler I had become. Like the visiting guest birds, I too had flown down to this magical land. I found out the North Sea too had become a traveler. She had traveled to the Netherlands and became a part of the lives of the Dutch.

The Dutch had made peace with this magical healer called the North Sea.

They befriended her as the Dutch had built polders, dikes, and windmills to protect their land from the ravishing anger of the North Sea. The famous Delta Works is a proof of this miraculous human genius. The Dutch citizens are children of a founding father who has taught them to work with one another and not discriminate against each other. In union, they teach the world.

The immense history of the Netherlands, and my personal admiration for the founding father, pulled me to be in his nation. Time had not allowed me to be present during his time. Yet, I found out how the Dutch citizens to this day are protected through his wise words. The founding father lies within the royal crypt, in the New Church of Delft. I had spent my Christmas Eve there praying and singing with all the unknown strangers. I will remember them forever as they became my church family for one Christmas night.

The rich history of the witch burnings and ghosts of the past are still being retold within Amsterdam, the capital city of the Netherlands.

This is a popular tourist destination. Here, you can take a romantic canal tour or take a bike tour throughout the city. If you don’t know how to ride a bike, you can hop on a Tuk Tuk and enjoy your tour through the city.

You can go to the romantic village Giethoorn. Within this village, you have over 180 bridges to walk over or capture on a picture forever to remember.

Not far away is the ever romantic Keukenhof tulip fields, where one could even get married or just daydream of finding everlasting romance, forever after. Do remember how much time and effort it takes for all the tulips to bloom in union. During the blooming season, Dam Square in Amsterdam becomes a temporary tulip garden.

The Hague, or Den Haag in Dutch, is my personal favorite city in this world.

This is not the capital, but is known as the political capital city. The parliamentary building Binnenhof is a gothic castle and the oldest parliament building still in use. Walking within this square, I realized how much I love history and the past historical figures. I can walk in Den Haag forever and still not have enough.

Do stop by all the twelve provinces of this country. Each province is filled with different World Heritage Sites, history, amazing architecture, and harmony. From famous diarists such as Anne Frank, famous painters such as Rembrandt, Van Gogh, to famous historical figures, this nation has all of them.

The transportation system of the Netherlands was extremely safe, clean, and the people are extremely friendly.

I never felt alone or lost, even in a foreign country where English is their second language. I will always say I found the Dutch people to be just like myself, very honest, friendly, and helpful. They gave me privacy, did not interfere with my privacy, and were helpful where and when I needed help.

I traveled throughout this country and learned this amazing land is the second largest exporter of food. The Dutch travel far and near to teach the world to befriend the water. They do not let the ravishing flood waters take over human lifestyles. Rather, human lifestyles can befriend water through their learned lessons of life.

The Peace Palace stands tall in this land as proof of the Dutch citizens and their love for all humans equally.

Go visit this palace and feel the peace I felt as I walked within her. The symbol of peace, serenity, love, and joy is found there. The whole world can be felt within this one building. All people walked in seeking peace as the white ribbons tied on the wishing tree can be found here.

Why do I call the Netherlands my dreamland?

She called upon me through the mystical tunnel of dreams to visit her at least once. Through the mystical door of my dreams, I found her. Through my traveler’s journey, I made this dream a reality. After traveling throughout this world, I finally found my Heaven on Earth, in the Netherlands.

By the North Sea in Scheveningen, an artist had painted a portrait of me to keep as a memory sake. I realized just like an artist paints and brings his seen models to life through his paintings, I too have through my love for this country, composed ten poems through my art of words which are included within this book.

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I had visited her and want to invite all of you to go and visit her at least once in your lifetime. I knew I must keep this journey alive throughout time. Yet, all trips come to an end. I had decided like the magical land, I want her magical touches to be everlasting within my memories.

I decided to give my travel journey everlasting life through the pages of my book.

Come and take a visual journey through this book trailer and give this land a read through the pages of my book, The Netherlands: Land Of My Dreams.

Also, I would like to leave you with a special note. The King and Queen of the Netherlands are loved by all of the citizens as they too love all.

I know how kind they are as I did receive a blessed note on behalf of Her Royal Majesty Queen Máxima, after she received my book. Today, I conclude this article with a quote from an honorable King,

“I want to be a traditional King first and foremost, building on the tradition of my predecessors standing for continuity and stability in this country, but also a 21st century king who can unite, represent and encourage society.”

-King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands


Ann Marie Ruby


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