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The journey of a spiritual traveler remains present throughout time. As I returned home, I was greeted by the autumn wind, rain, and fallen leaves. My apple trees are still bearing fruits as the wind blows off their leaves. All around the leaves have turned orange and red as this is a reminder, winter is coming and only the memories of the past are left behind.

My journey through the Netherlands was a peaceful retreat as somehow I feel a great connection with this land. She had appeared so many times within my dreams as some of you know and have read all about it within my book, “Spiritual Lighthouse: The Dream Diaries Of Ann Marie Ruby.” This journey, however, I have taken through the eyes of my characters from my next book. As always, I have incorporated my dreams and vision from my dreams within a fictional book, where what if takes birth from my experiences through my own dreams. Now they have taken birth within the pages of my next book.

Life is a blessing and I know my dreams have guided me through the past, the present, and the future as I have walked upon lands unknown to me, yet, which were alive within the past, and in the present time only memories are but alive through the history of time. I have yet taken another trip through this blessed country that has come to be within so many of my dreams. This time, I wanted to find some answers. The questions were unknown and the answers are unknown, yet, there is that bond that only time keeps alive. This journey had been filled with blessings as I had for the first time witnessed the magical visions come to life within this land through the pages of my fictional book.

Within this book, the characters also try to seek the answers to the unknown world where they have this author guiding them toward each other. True love guides each other and soulmates pull one toward the other. My belief in true love, soulmates, and reincarnation, has taken life within the pages of this book. The Netherlands is where I found the blessed characters and their lives live throughout time through the blessed land, water, and sea where life moves on as time passes by, yet love crosses all borders as she brings back true lovers throughout time. I walked on the Scheveningen Beach and saw the lighthouse and Ferris wheel sitting there, as people were walking and having a blessed autumn break.


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I thought within my dreams, I had seen my soulmate walk here and I had seen the lighthouse and Ferris wheel which I had searched for throughout my adult life. I saw this beach also had a mysterious story of healing and how all was burned down. The water was used as healing as there was a famous bathhouse and a lighthouse. Now, I saw the lighthouse was under renovation yet I knew this is where my characters come to life. This was a place I had seen so many times within my blessed dreams and now I shall have her within the pages of my book as she takes birth and even throughout time, remains present forever as the words within a book remain present throughout time.

Within my book, you shall see reincarnation, spirituality, witches, angels, and all of the miracles of what if come to life within the back drop of this beautiful beach and some history on the Scheveningen Beach, lighthouse, and Ferris wheel in Den Haag. The original famous bathhouse in Scheveningen Beach was built in 1818 by Jacobus Pronk, a small wooden house with a saltwater tub. Ten years later, the bathhouse was replaced by the municipal bathhouse Grand Hotel Des Bains. This had finally been turned into the Grand Hotel Amrath Kurhaus.

Den Haag is the political capital of the Netherlands. This is where all the politicians sit in the historical Binnenhof. Even though this is not the capital of the country, this is where all the politicians work. This place is open to one and all as I have seen this time, all of the Dutch politicians are very open and close with the general public. They dine, walk, and greet all of the general public as they walk upon the same path. There had been no superiority or inferiority, but equality displayed at least within the eyes of this beholder.

The Binnenhof complex is a must visit for the traveler seeking peace and some sense to why we have leaders of different opinions and minds, sit, walk, and laugh within the same government representing a nation. You could visit their open sessions where even the general public could view history being made. A very small country with so much dignity and respect for all of her citizens and guests whom are visiting. I pray for this nation always and as always hope all nations across this globe are safe and secure.

The Binnenhof is in Den Haag which is by the sea, and all of the amazing site seeing is available by bus, tram, or by train. From Amsterdam, it was an hour train ride to reach Den Haag. To the Scheveningen Beach, you could take tram 9 or buses, and all of the Dutch citizens are very well knowledgeable with the English language and are extremely helpful. Please know the Dutch culture is very open, accepting, and honest. All of the people are very honest and open-minded. They are truthful and some might take this as being rude, however if you get to know them they are the most kindhearted people and honest to the core. I actually loved their honesty and kindness. I offered hugs and was rewarded hugs in return.

In a bus full of people, I was scared of the crowd where the passengers had started to converse with me to just keep me steady through the crowd. It was an amazing experience, as I had come to know strangers, a woman and a man who had not known each other but had come to comfort me in the time I needed it the most. I was standing in a crowd on the tram 9 and had felt claustrophobic. They had come on my two sides and talked with me throughout the ride. I did not even realize when our stop had come. They both hugged me and went their different ways. I will probably never meet them again, yet I miss them a lot as if I have left behind my two best friends. Please know my unknown strangers, if you are reading this, forever you have a place within my heart.

Within the Netherlands, I was able to go anywhere with the bus, tram, or train, which were very safe and secure. I had traveled to even Brussels with a tour group and it was safe which I will detail in a later blog post.

Today, though I want you all to travel to Den Haag and see how this blessed city also has an amazing beach. Scheveningen Beach is a place you could visit with public transportation and have a blessed day on this historical beach. This beach is known to have healing powers. The bathhouse was here and from all around Europe, one would come here to rest and recuperate. As you know this historic place had a bathhouse. You could just walk within this beach and feel the blessings of the past, the present, and the future, as you see all is but alive through this blessed beach as she is a witness to all throughout time. This is also where my characters have reincarnated and found each other through the blessed doors of miracles. Forever this beach will remain within the pages of my book as even when all but end, words written with the mighty pen remain forever throughout time.

Visit this amazing beach when you are in the Netherlands. Who knows, you too might find all the inspiration of a time traveler, as the waves come and bring back memories of the past, the present memories she creates, and future memories yet to be made which she looks out for and left at my footsteps as she washed and blessed my feet. I loved my visit to this sacred beach.

Also, yes for food, you have a variety of restaurants and vendors available! I also had a portrait made by an amazing artist who had stopped and admired his own work as he had flirted with me and told me in front of all passersby and my group looking at me, “You’re so beautiful.” I admired him as I knew he was a kindhearted soul who also made my day.

Take a day tour through this blessed beach as you end up in Den Haag. This is a great city where I would love to live one day. As I figure out how this dream of mine would be a reality, I will leave you with the thoughts of a beautiful city where dreams are made into reality. Love Den Haag!

I will talk about Delft, the Netherlands, within my next blog post and yes, that’s where I find even more inspiration for my book.

Until then, love and blessings, from Seattle,

*This is the first post of my new blog series A Traveler’s Journal.



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