Travel through a blessed nation. Where the canals flow by the green fields as she watches the clear blue skies. Tulip fields hold on to the love stories throughout history. Windmills sing sweet tunes throughout the land. A small European country who does not speak for herself as we the tourists but do speak for her modesty.

This nation to all of you is known by her given name, the Netherlands.

The locals call her Holland. I call her paradise on Earth. Through my blessed journey in this land, I had traveled through time. I visited historic figures, historic landmarks, and the present time landmarks that will be historic throughout time.

Also, I traveled through this land to get to know this land, this nation, and her people. I believe the wellbeing of humanity lies upon the union of different nations. The first step to the wellbeing of the mind, body, and soul is to the inner self.

Then, see all as your one family within this one Earth. Where we reside in different houses and have different rules yet we are all one.

This world is a family where we live and agree to disagree. We still carry the love for all throughout time. Through my words, may you too travel with me through different countries. Travel through spirituality to awaken ourselves first. Then, we too shall fit within this one world accepting the differences as positive vibes throughout eternity.

This visit had been amazing as traveling through a nation on a budget is always hard. Within the time frame of your visit, you might be limited to your options if you decide to rent a car. 

I was lucky as the transportation system of this land allows all tourists to travel through her with ease. Renting a car is always an option for all whom have to, yet amazingly I had not.

As I arrived within this country into the Schiphol Airport Amsterdam, I was greeted with love and kindness from the airport personals to the amazing security forces, to the amazing coffee shop waiters and waitresses.

In this world, each day is a sacred and a scary situation for the travelers. Yet, the reception within this airport was as if I had just come home. I had inquired about transportation. Also, I asked what should be most the economical and safe, and was introduced to the Dutch transportation system.

I had taken the train to Den Haag and it was only an hour long and a very luxurious ride through the Dutch country side. Since I had my backpack and a roll along suitcase, I easily had taken these aboard with me. You could literally go anywhere within this country with train, tram, or bus system. Also, within these stations are different food choices even for a vegetarian like me. They had various options like, “The Doner Company.”

In Den Haag, I came to the central station where again the station crew was amazing and guided me to all of my transportation needs.

I was shocked as some of the crew had told me not to waste money on a cab. The places I wanted to visit were easily accessible through tram, bus, or train.

All the Dutch citizens ride a bike so it is very easy for people to walk or rent a bike to go around locally. For me who has never even learned to ride a bike, I had walked very easily to the tram or bus stops. The country’s transportation system is built in a way so one could travel throughout the whole country without owning a car. There is a very clean and safe transportation system where you also meet and greet people traveling from all around Europe.

Even a single woman like myself had very safely traveled through this nation without any fear.

If you are traveling from abroad, before renting a car do go and check out the transportation system. This was an amazing journey for me and I would ask you to save your money on renting a car and enjoy the transportation system. I also had taken cabs to see some of the old castles where the bus does not reach, but I just called and had a local cab take me from the bus stop to the visiting sites. Amazing cab drivers gave me site seeing tours too, as they were amazing and kindhearted people.

One night, it was very late into the night at the Scheveningen beach and as I walked onto the tram, there was a huge crowd. There were a man and woman who realized I was a foreigner traveling.

These kindhearted souls had become like family as they made me feel like I was sitting in my living room as all had become involved in different topics and we talked throughout the ride.

As I reached my stop, they asked me how far was my hotel and would I be okay and comfortable. I did feel comfortable as I hugged and said my goodbyes to these Angels in Disguise. They had assured me it was a safe and blessed country.

As an example, the Prime Minister of this country rides his bike to and from work. I have had a blessed opportunity to bump into him in a dark night where I did not see the sidewalk and the main road was on a different level.

As I would have fallen, I was saved by a gentleman who had held me from no where. Yes it was the Prime Minister himself who had done this as a human with humanity.

The former Minister of Justice who has retired now drives a bus, and who knows, as you are traveling through this sacred country you might end up within the bus of Fredrik “Fred” Teeven. Through this blessed transportation system, you could take day trips to other European countries like Belgium and buy Belgian chocolate. I had taken this trip on a bus with a tour group. Therefore, I found out you could take a trip on public buses yourself as this is also very affordable for all the travelers.

My personal journey through this sacred country was an amazing adventure where I did not have to worry about transportation. This is always a problem as we the tourists travel through new lands.

Security issues are also an issue within different parts of the world.

Within this land, however, this was not an issue. The Dutch security system and police I had seen within my visit, had been amazing as I must say. They kept an eye out for me as they do their job like champions. They had been amazing, friendly, and kind to this visitor. I wish and pray this kindness always remains as they keep their country safe.

May we find this kind of kindness throughout this globe, as this is a sacred gift to all humans alike. Safety, security, and kindness woven into one land, I call this land Heaven on Earth, you know her as the Netherlands. As she tries to keep all of her children and the visitors safe, for the wellbeing of this one world, it is our responsibility to keep an eye out for each other and always be alert as this way we the travelers are safe and also leave behind our travel journey for all to be guided by throughout eternity.

Human wellbeing is but the only sacred gift we can give each other without expecting anything in return.

Travel throughout this world and know this world is but one world where we the humans unite all different lands and cultures through our sacred love for humanity.

The Netherlands is a sacred land blessed with love and joy as she blossoms her carpets of flowers within her lands and sends them to us. As we plant the tulip bulbs of Holland this winter, we know she but shall blossom in spring with love and joy, and I shall treasure her throughout time.

My next blog post in the series is about the Waterwolf. 



Blessings from Seattle,

*This is the ninth post in my A Traveler’s Journal blog series!

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