The Netherlands: Land Of My Dreams


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A very special Christmas book trailer of The Netherlands: Land Of My Dreams has been made just for you.

This Christmas, celebrate from the safety of your home. You can travel to a faraway land, through the pages of my book, The Netherlands: Land Of My Dreams. When there was no transportation, we still had our dreams of traveling through magical lands. Today even though we have all the modern day transportation, we are homebound. Yet even today has created a bridge through yesterday through the pages of all books. Hold on to your faith as tomorrow shall arrive upon our doors when we can again hop onto our favorite transportation and like the visiting flying birds travel to our favorite destinations.

The Netherlands: Land Of My Dreams has made it to number one on bestselling lists since his first publication. This overnight #1 bestselling book is your must have guide through the Netherlands.

A reader from the Netherlands has sent me a personal letter saying this was such a fun read. She has sent it to her son in the USA to have as a reminder of his birthplace. She said they both have kept this book as a very fun to read book.

Another reader has told me through emails, she found this book a perfect gift for her family members as they can now travel through this magical country even from their own homes.

Why have I written this book?

All my love for a faraway country had made me place words that would forever show you why this country had pulled my inner soul to her. The Netherlands is an amazing traveler’s destination and a very safe and friendly nation.

Landing at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, one feels they have landed home. The airport arrival security had told me welcome home. I felt like yes I have come home finally.

This is a country with an amazing transportation system where I had no transportation problems. I traveled through the amazing magical land without any worries.

The country’s birth and history, her land reclamation projects, her amazing transportation system, world heritage sites, her people, fun facts, and poems about this amazing magical land have made it within the pages of this amazing book.

You can travel through the Dutch country sites and see all twelve provinces of this country as I take you through the pages of this book.

Today, you can travel through this land as you travel through this magical book. Don’t forget you can give this book as a Christmas gift to your family and friends. This would be your travel gift for the people you love. Make this Christmas a virtual gift for one and all. You can without leaving your home get this for yourself and others. You too can join all the people who have loved traveling through the pages of this magical book.

The Netherlands: Land Of My Dreams has become a number-one bestseller on multiple bestselling lists in the Netherlands, Canada, and the United States. Out of millions of books from all genres, this book also became one of the the top selling books on Amazon NL. Today, I am honored to say this is an international number-one bestseller.

Make this Christmas a blessed one as you gift this book and introduce your loved ones to a faraway country they too can travel to without leaving their homes.

As you do get acquainted with this amazing country through this book, I would want you then to get yourself acquainted with his younger brother, Everblooming: Through The Twelve Provinces Of The Netherlands. Within this book, you shall find magical tales of the past Dutch inhabitants from all twelve provinces. Everblooming is another bestseller. This book has been hailed by his readers as the “best book ever.”

Watch the Christmas book trailer of The Netherlands: Land Of My Dreams and maybe you too will agree this is a magical land. Even within all the catastrophic storms, we shall celebrate a Merry Christmas and a very blessed New Year virtually. During the holidays, please be safe. Wear a mask and keep a distance. Let all your loved ones know you can buy your gifts online and be safe yourself and keep all safe too.

I hope and pray for all of you to be safe and have a wonderful and Merry Christmas. Enjoy the very special Christmas book trailer of The Netherlands: Land Of My Dreams, made just for you.

This book is available to order worldwide from Amazon and most major book retailers.

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