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“Knowledge is not acquired through age or education. Knowledge is acquired through wisdom.”

-Ann Marie Ruby

Today as we stand on the shore of the obstacles of 2020, I wonder have we reached the end of the river or the beginning of yet another river? All humans throughout this globe had welcomed this year holding on to the candles of hope. I had begun the journey praying for a blessed new year. My prayer for all humans is, may we walk with acquired knowledge from our struggles.

Yet my dreams had forewarned me of a catastrophic storm brewing within the humans which had become COVID-19.

I had written about this in my book Spiritual Lighthouse: The Dream Diaries of Ann Marie Ruby published in 2017. In chapters one, twenty-eight, thirty-two, and thirty-four, I had written about the virus and healing. After publishing this book, I also published on my social media and blog about the cure which will come in front of us as an injection, a vaccine that we would take in doses.

All of these dreams I had seen in addition to dreams including the suffering and loss of life that we all across the globe would face. Yet I know dreams are just that dreams until they become our reality. Today in 2020, I lived through the dreams I had prayed never come true.

Yet today I would want you all to walk through another book of mine, The World Hate Crisis: Through The Eyes Of A Dream Psychic.

Within this book, I had again talked about The World Hate Crisis that will become our new crisis. This catastrophic storm has been brewing within the humans for years. The storm was suppressed within the walls of the predators of hate in fear of what would the others think or say. Remember they never thought or wondered if they are brewers of a catastrophic storm. They don’t want to see themselves in front of the mirror.

The mirror image of themselves are foggy with the visions of their hate. Yet when hate groups up in huge crowds, it is inevitable this crowd will not see any other person but themselves. They have placed a wall around themselves within the support of one another. This group and their inner soul sees not the pain they inflect upon others.

Their loud voices of wrong suppress the tears of innocent children and adults whom the Lord has created perfectly. Yet today all around the globe, children are hiding because they either have a different skin color, different race, or believe in a different religion.

Today, I see all around the globe each and all religions suppress the other for all religions are right and the other one is wrong. Each and all races call themselves superior. I ask you, since you are right then why are you always trying to place the others down to place yourself up?

The inner war and inner hate of the human mind for one another has been given an invisible acceptance by the powerful voices of the wrong. Always, the dark night’s unwelcome thunders are loud and fearful. Yet the calm peaceful dawn shall break open only with faith.

Yes, I had predicted The World Health Crisis in my book Spiritual Lighthouse: The Dream Diaries of Ann Marie Ruby and The World Hate Crisis in my book The World Hate Crisis: Through The Eyes Of A Dream Psychic.

As I had predicted the cure would come after a huge loss of life, I predict peace will eventually come upon Earth. This peace shall come from you the individual.

Open your inner windows of welcome and throw away your inner hate of the others. Stand up holding on to the hands of different race, color, and religion. Say to yourself and all others you are the creation of the one Lord, as are all the others.

All humans were created by the One Creator, and the One Creator is the beholder of all of their fates. Let us the creation not be the Judge but remember we are all the judged.

The rainbow is beautiful as it beholds all different colors. This Earth is beautiful as we create a bridge of union between all race, color, and religion. One by one, we the inviters of all race, color, and religion shall hold on to one another. Our voices might be silent and quiet, but I know we the slow and steady shall win this race against the hate crisis.

I ask you all who have lived through 2020 fighting the world health pandemic to not forget this year and all the loss of this year. Also, I want all of you to fight for your neighbors’ right. I want you to wipe off the tears of a child who sleeps in fear of an attack by an unjust human, the beholder of hate.

As you have survived this catastrophic health storm, I ask you to help the helpless victims of the hate crisis.

All you have to do is awaken yourself first and then be there for all the others.

I know as a dream psychic, there will be a lot of jobless people. A lot of homes will be foreclosed and this loss of life, jobs, and homes shall create a bigger impact on personal growth. Either your anger will have the better of you or you can take this loss and be the bigger person by restarting with hope and blessings.

Bring hope back within your home and all the others. Work for one another. Don’t give a voice to the creators of division but walk away. Stand alone for the creators of union, love, and justice.

Look into the mirror reflection of your personal human behaviors. Your personal behaviors can save lives by you alone wearing a mask, and keeping a distance. You not supporting any form of hate will disempower all hate groups.

Let us empower union of all race, color, and religion.

In union, love shall spread throughout this world. I warn you, if we don’t stand in union for one another, our one Earth, one race, one color, and one religion, known as the human race will collapse within the hands of the predators of The World Hate Crisis.

This world has gifted us with knowledge through life lived to know the difference between good and bad. It is only after we have crossed the life journey, that the future generations decide where we had been right and when and where we had been wrong. Yet as a human with humanity, we can all cross this border with basic human values.

I don’t believe any higher qualification is needed for the judgment of basic human deeds but the basic moral values. I hope and pray we all judge ourselves first, before we judge the others. Although I believe in the blind judge in the courts, I don’t believe humanity should be blind.

Eradicate all divisions as you open your eyes and see the truth.

I believe the Creator has created all of His creation equally. Love one another and know all wounds hurt, be it on your fingers or on the fingers of a stranger. Someone is in pain where there is a wound.

All obstacles are not obstacles for they are our acquired knowledge.

Today as we cross a pandemic with hope there is a cure in the very near future, let us also brew hope and eradicate the hate crisis in our near future. Spread love and even though you might be alone, do stand with the united not the divided. As you walk with and for the true knowledge remember,

“Knowledge is not acquired through age or education. Knowledge is acquired through wisdom.”

-Ann Marie Ruby


Ann Marie Ruby

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