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Today, we the humans see the key to human survival is prevention. As COVID-19 has come upon the humans across the globe, we must in union work with each other. This pandemic is and should be a lesson learned for all humans across the globe. Work together and it is then all things are achievable.

Yet today even before the pandemic is over, or as the scientists are expecting a second wave of COVID-19 to hit us, we the humans face another pandemic growing out of hate.

I call this “The World Hate Crisis” as I had written in my book, The World Hate Crisis: Through The Eyes Of A Dream Psychic, published in 2019.

Life is a long journey where at times, it seems like our life’s journey finished yet the destination was not of our choice. Today all around the globe, I watch people going through this sentiment. COVID-19, the catastrophic pandemic, has touched all of us in a way. I hope we can get out of this as a group united, not divided. Yet, now we have all watched another innocent man become a victim of another hate crime.

On one hand, we are trying to eradicate the health crisis that has crippled our one world. On the other hand, we had to wake up to another chilling morning when again another innocent person could not breathe. He cried out in pain but no doctor nor nurse could help him. I know COVID-19 also attacks the same way as it attacks the lungs and people are placed on ventilators. It is then the doctors, the nurses, and even the stranger around the corner goes out of his or her way to help an unknown person. It is called humanity at its best.

Today, we again see humanity at its worst as yet another person had to lose his life as he cried for help.

Another catastrophic storm is brewing in the air. This storm will become a historical event which we shall all call The World Hate Crisis.

As a dream psychic, I had tried to warn the world citizens about COVID-19 in my book, Spiritual Lighthouse: The Dream Diaries Of Ann Marie Ruby, published in 2017. I ask you, however, what and how could I do more to get your attention? We must unite and help one another.

Today again, I must say my heart goes to all the families and victims of hate crimes. My tears had become my own conscience as I had written my book, The World Hate Crisis: Through The Eyes Of A Dream Psychic. This book was my own way of warning the human population to be aware of the future catastrophic storm we shall all face if we do not eradicate hate crimes.

Hate crimes have been boiling out of control from the beginning of time.

Yet not a single person calls this a catastrophic storm. We must prevent this storm before it comes and knocks on our doors. The neighbor you never knew but today see her crying on the television stops you from turning on your television sets. If you are trying to avoid hearing the news as COVID-19 scares you, it is normal. Even without a television set, you will still find one of your unknown neighbors marching to get justice.

Hate crimes have risen like the flood waters and are now flooding the world out of control. Be aware and protect yourself and all of your neighbors for know the difference between the two. One sees no color, race, or religion yet the other is born from the differences of race, color, and religion. Lives are lost from both. Which door they come and knock upon is unknown, but the cure for both is the same. Listen to the scientific scholars and take precautions for one. For the other, listen to your own hearts and be the part of the prevention, not the spread.

Awaken yourself and be there for your neighbors as we all in union make a neighborhood, a country, and this one world.

Let us find a cure to this catastrophic pandemic known as COVID-19 and learn from this health crisis to unite for one another. As we the world citizens find a cure to this health crisis, we must unite and find a cure to The World Hate Crisis. This cure is within each individual human known as humanity. Awaken from within and be the prevention, not the spread.

Today as we fight to overcome these devastations, be it a health crisis or the human created hate crisis, let us say no to all man-made destructions known as racial, religious, and ethnical differences. We have lost so many lives during these past few months, I want all of you to say no to another life lost to a manmade hate crisis.

Be safe, and say no to any racial discrimination.

Let’s prevent another catastrophic storm that is completely man-made, known as hate crimes.

Prevent the spread of COVID-19 as you don’t spread this virus, but be a part of prevention. Similarly, prevent all hate crimes. Do not spread this and create another catastrophic storm. Let us all be a part of the prevention, not the spread.

For all my predictions, please know my books are available on Amazon.

More future predictions are coming soon, yet today I want you all to know I only predict to be a part of the prevention. All future seers are only there to guide one and all who want to be guided. Like my book title Spiritual Lighthouse, I too will be there as a blinking light of hope for all of whom accept my blessings.

To be a human with humanity, all you need is basic conscience where you feel for yourself and all others. Humanity cries today for all humans to accept her within each individual soul.

Today, I shall keep my lanterns of hope glowing and pray to my Creator to eradicate this world’s health crisis and hate crisis as we all unite for one another.


Ann Marie Ruby


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