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The journey of life confirms a traveler’s destination. Yet as we the travelers get lost, it is then like candles of hope we find the blessed guides of humanity.

On my TV screen, I watched flood waters ravaging houses in Missouri caused by the recent tornado outbreak. I thought as long as we save lives, we can replace a house. Yet as I walked my puppy, I thought, what about the family? What about their memories? I guess for my inner most soul, what about a child’s safe zone? I always call my home, my cave, where I can come, be myself, and feel safe.

These thoughts stopped me on my step. How do we fight with Mother Nature? Like sandcastles that people build with so much love, as the first wave hits, the home is no more.

Yet, in its place we have memories and signs of humanity.

For there, like a bridge we see strangers waiting to help renew our faith within humanity. Strangers flood the land with love and kindness as they become the ark of hope.

Within the drowning obstacles, we are given life vests. Warm shawls and blankets arrive to protect all from the freezing cold winds. The smell of warm oven baked bread fills the air. Strangers pass friendship breads from hand to hand.

This is my humanity found within all when we unite against our common enemies. This humanity is what my inner soul seeks within the soul of all strangers even on days we don’t have a storm ravishing our lives.

Tomorrow, the flood waters shall go down. Yet, all the affected people will have to deal with all of the obstacles these storms leave behind for them. Some of us shall be able to overcome with ease. Some shall try to find hope within the path they travel upon.

Like a lonely traveler, we all take the journey through this life.

At times, we all fall prey to the obstacles of life. May today you awaken and bake friendship bread for all of the strangers who need your friendship. Let this day be the day we forget all of our differences and hold on to each other.

Today, I the stranger shall light my candle of hope for you the stranger. Let this hope glow from my home to yours. As you light the candle of hope, we shall all glow within hope.

Throughout Missouri and all the flood affected areas, we shall all rebuild within hope as we unite. Throughout this Earth, let there be union amongst us the humans as we become the glowing candles of hope for all. My prayers be with all the flood affected areas and all throughout this Earth. We all suffer from one thing or another. May my prayers reach your doors as you open and accept my prayers. Send your prayers for me too as I too walk through the obstacles of life.

For all of you, I have written my two books of prayers I call songs. You can get them here.

I pray one day, I am able to gift my prayer books to all who seek them.

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Blessings from Seattle,

Ann Marie Ruby


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