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The ultimate 2019 Christmas gift guide for book lovers!

Gifts in my eyes are what I have given my Lord or all of my Lord’s creation. Gifts for me is what I can give to see the innocent smile glowing upon your face. The pure innocence of giving, without any expectations is known within my soul as the giving of gifts.

In Sanskrit, this blessed word gift is known as “Upahara” and the soul is known as “Atman.”

Within my eyes, the pure essence of living and breathing is a gift we have received at birth. The mind, the body, and the soul, or the complete “Atman” accepting peace for oneself and all humans alike is the blessed “upahara,” gifts of humanity.

Gifts knock upon my door each and every day as the day begins. The first glimpse of sunrise and the amazing sunsets awaken my inner soul to believe in the miracles of the beyond. These miracles are the gifts that keep my devotion, inner peace, and serenity alive within the pages of my books. For all of you, I have taken pen to paper, through which I share my inner found wisdom as my personal gifts for you.

The holidays are upon us and this is the season of peace, joy, and harmony.

This season, give gifts that carry the message of peace, joy, and harmony. My personal gifts to all of you are found within the pages of my books. This season, you too could give these books as a sacred gift from your soul to your family and friends. To make it easy to choose from, I will talk about a few of my books.

Two of my gifts are my twin prayer books Spiritual Songs: Letters From My Chest and Spiritual Songs II: Blessings From A Sacred Soul.

Spiritual Songs

Are you seeking for a powerful prayer?

Do you want to pray with all of your family and friends, yet all are from different faiths? Do you want to end the differences through a prayer? As you read these books, you will know people from all different faiths have accepted this book. How and why?

After seeking, knocking, and asking all humans to unite for each other, I have finally found the courage to write within these pages my personal prayers I call songs. Within these songs, you shall find yourself in each word, asking, seeking, and knocking as a creation of The One Creator. In this musical concert, you alone are the singer singing to your Creator. Here, no permission is needed for your entry or exit to a prayer room as your inner soul is your private room. You can now sing in union as you gift yourself and all whom accept the Spiritual Songs.

My third gift is Spiritual Lighthouse: The Dream Diaries Of Ann Marie Ruby.

Spiritual Lighthouse: The Dream Diaries Of Ann Marie Ruby

Do you believe in dreams? Why do we see dreams? What do scientists have to say about dreams? Do dreams really come true?

All of these questions have found their answers within the pages of this book. I have waked through my very personal dreams to guide you through this mysterious path.

Throughout time, religious scholars have walked upon this path.

Most religions have found themselves mainly through dreams. Scientists have also walked through this path and proved dreams are reality as they have proved the REM cycle. The only thing they can’t prove is the content of the dream as it is your personal story.

Walk thorough my dreams and learn to have faith within your dreams. I walk through my dreams and do share how these dreams have come to life within the daylight hours. This holiday, give yourself and all whom seek the answers to their personal dreams, this book. You shall be guided through the mysteries of your personal dreams as like a lighthouse guiding from afar, I too was guided by my Spiritual Lighthouse.

My fourth gift is Spiritual Ark: The Enchanted Journey Of Timeless Quotations.

Spiritual Ark: The Enchanted Journey of Timeless Quotations

What are words of wisdom? Why are words so powerful? Do you keep these words as your daily inspirations?

Words, the powerful wagon only moves forward. Once said and left out in the air, they can never be taken back. I have watched these words take place within powerful prayers. I have seen poetry made through these words. Songs are sweet throughout time as they too are created through these powerful words of wisdom.

Throughout all of my books, I have started each chapter with powerful quotations written for the precise chapters. These quotations describe in a few words the entire chapter through my eyes. Today, you could get one of my books where I have written 599 original quotations. This is where words become my inspiration. Here, I have woven a journey for the words to take, as they become timeless through these quotations. Turn through these pages as each page has her own traveler taking a journey and becoming timeless through you and all your future generations. Find the pages of this book as an inspiration for yourself, all of your family and friends as you gift this book to yourself and all whom seek her.

My fifth gift is Eternal Truth: The Tunnel Of Light.

Ann Marie Ruby // Twin Flames and Soulmates // Eternal Truth

Does your mind travel through the unanswered questions of life? Where do people come from? What happens after death? Are twin flames real? Do you believe in reincarnation? Do miracles truly occur? What is the end of time?

All of these questions and much more had visited my dreams. I have found my personal answers to them through again my personal dreams. Always guided by science and religion, I have sought these answers and today I have my answers for the unanswered questions of life within the pages of this book. Like all of my books, I have my personal perspectives, evidence from the scientific scholars and the religious scholars, and more. This book was not created with any religious view but just the perspectives of a traveler of life, who knows our entries and exits are determined.

The journey we take through life is not the final journey. The final journey is the unknown journey we all take ahead of us.

A reader told me after reading this book, she is not afraid of death, birth, or the unknown, as all are but a fun journey we the humans must take. Another reader told me she now has faith in her twin flame and knows she will find him. You too could find more answers and be guided to your twin flame through your faith as you walk through the pages of this book. Give this book as a blessed gift to yourself and all others whom are seeking the answers to the Eternal Truth.

My sixth gift is The World Hate Crisis: Through The Eyes Of A Dream Psychic.


Hate crimes have increased throughout this world, but why? Have you contributed to these hate crimes by staying silent? Do you wait for these crimes to knock upon your door to say something against them?

Let these catastrophic crimes not become a catastrophe before we awaken.

Let us in union build a barrier wall against these catastrophic storms through human intervention. Hold my hands and let us stand up in union against this storm that brews silently within our neighborhoods. Within the houses, brews a storm created out of hatred against the human race. Yet, within my mind there is only one race – the human race, there is only one color, it’s the color of the rainbow, and one religion called humanity.

Stand up against this storm and let us in union stop this from brewing silently. Don’t only see yourselves in the mirror but do see the tear drops of Mother Earth as she too cries for her children dividing against each other. Let us in union, wipe the tears of Mother Earth as we accept one another as humans with humanity. Let us create a song where we sing, “We the humans shall always stand for each other, not against one another.” Accept this gift for yourself and give this book as a gift, to all whom would stand with you today and help eradicate this crisis, as in union we end The World Hate Crisis.

My seventh gift is The Netherlands: The Land Of My Dreams.

The Netherlands: Land Of My Dreams

Some say the Netherlands yet some say Holland, what is the name of this blessed country? What is the Netherlands famous for? Where is this country? What is the history of this country? Why the Netherlands?

Where tulips bloom and the windmills create romantic songs, as you take a canal tour with your twin flame in a canoe is my dreamland, the Netherlands. As a spiritual author and lover of peace and serenity, I have chosen the Netherlands as my heaven on Earth. This place is not my birth land, nor do I have any family members there, yet the land some how calls me from the beyond.

Travel through my book and find out why I honor the Father of the Fatherland and have written a poem in his honor, I call, “William The Silent, Of The Netherlands.”

This book walks through the history, all of the Dutch provinces, culture, food and places, political capital, and how this small country feeds the world and are still teaching this world to overcome our battle with water as they have themselves unitedly reclaimed their land from water. A country where the honorable King and Queen are loved by the citizens and the citizens have re-elected a liberal group and their Prime Minister three times. This land is where the Peace Palace stands tall as a reminder of peace and justice for all.

At least once in your life time do come and visit this land today as you gift yourself and all others this sacred book. As a reader has written to me this book was her vacation through, The Netherlands: Land Of My Dreams.

These books are my blessings and gifts for all this Christmas.

May they be your Christmas gifts for all of your family and friends, this holiday. I believe they will unite all humans and awaken humanity in ourselves. Whether you love a sweet song of a prayer, an ark made out through words of wisdom, my dream diary to guide you through those unknown dreams, if you are searching for the the unanswered questions of the eternal truth, if you want to eradicate the World Hate Crisis, or go on a tour through the Netherlands, you shall find the perfect read in these books.

My love and blessings shall be found within the pages of these blessed books. Happy reading this season!

Blessings from Seattle,

Ann Marie Ruby



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