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Twin flames is a topic I have landed upon as life brought this subject to my door. Why is it our soul seeks for this sacred bondage? Why do our eyes seek him everywhere? Also, why do we know he is there, yet can’t find him?

These questions found their ways to my door as I had only one answer, twin flames.

What are twin flames?
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In separation, you are an individual. Yet, in union you are complete within the sacred union of twin flames. Two complete individuals. Yet, when united you become one. Complete yet incomplete you are, until you find the answers to your questions.

Why do twin flames separate?

You were separated to find your individual identity. Yet, after the journey through life, you realize how lonely you were only once you unite within your twin flame. This realization is only found as the answer makes her way to your door through the union of twin flames. Individuals you had become as you separated to find your complete identity. Yet, united you realize you were only half of the complete.

Are you interested in finding the answers to the unanswered questions of soulmates and twin flames?

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Eternal Truth: The Tunnel Of Light By Ann Marie Ruby

Do you ask, “Are we twin flames or soulmates?”

First, we must figure out if we know the difference between soulmates and twin flames. These two are at stages very similar yet actually very different. You can read more about this in, “Eternal Truth: The Tunnel Of Light.”

I have walked down this lane. I realized soulmates are more common. Soulmates can be more than just romantic relationships such as a family member or a very close friend. At times, this closeness we feel amongst strangers is made out of soul families. Soul families are people who feel a bond to one another, yet not a romantic relationship. I had a blessed person who told me he felt like I was his daughter somehow in one life or another.

Yes, he believed in reincarnation yet at that time my mind had doubts upon the reincarnation theory.

I had never shared a private dream I had long before I met him. I saw I was separated from my father. He waited years after years for me. In my dream, one day like a miracle, I walked into his house. It was a rainy and windy day, yet as I saw him I hugged him and told him “Father, I am back.”

In reality, this had happened just like my dream. Yet, I could not say anything as my family members whom also shared the same interlinking dream were with me. I felt I should not say anything.

Reincarnation was not what I grew up with. Later on, we both had shared our dreams. We accepted this truth that was just a miracle. This was a soul family which I knew was completely a miracle.

Soulmates are similar as all twin flames are soulmates, yet not all soulmates are twin flames.

How do we know we found our twin flames?

This answer is within our questions, did you find your twin flame, or you are with your soulmate?

Be happy as life brings you the answers. Try to be happy within your relationship. Know the answer is within you. You must learn to know your own feelings and trust yourself. Do not go looking for someone who never shows up and give up on the person next to you. You shall know when your twin flame and you unite.

From my personal perspective, I believe in dreams, as the complete door of miracle. The answers are within this door. For me, this is where I found all my answers. Yet, does my twin flame know his answers within his dream? I do not know, for only time will tell. For I know, the personal belief system is what guides us to our ways of life. Sometimes, we must walk beyond to the other doors where the answers are hidden. Yet we must open the doors ourselves. I believe he will answer my calls as I call upon him.

From mythology to the Abrahamic religions, all have talked about soulmates and twin flames.

To get the full concept of twin flames, one must walk through birth, death, reincarnation, dreams, and much more before the complete miracle of twin flames are found which I talk in details within my new book.

It is simple, where twin flames are concerned, there is the door of reincarnation, death, birth, and dreams all of which you must walk through. The door of dreams, I believe, can take us through all of these doors. I know people talk about different signs of twin flames but I believe in one door, that is the door of dreams. Remember the door of dreams has been proven throughout time. So, within this door of dreams, I found my answers. Within this door, you too shall find your answers.

I found a person who I knew was my father in another life. Yet, I had doubted and lost quality time with him. I was glad I acknowledged him before he passed away.

Life is a complete miracle where we can’t find the answers to questions that are unknown. When the question is known, we can then try to find the answers. This is where we the humans arrive as our mind asks and we seek. Walk with me through my new book. See how different religions have come up with the same questions. They come to find the same answers, yet we don’t acknowledge these answers as the same. For if only we could unite them, we the humans could have had all the answers our mind seeks.

When you ask, seek, and knock, the answers are sought for you through the different doors of miracles. I have asked the unanswered questions of life.

These answers, I have sought for you and found guided by my dreams, science, mythological and Abrahamic religions. I try to walk you through my answers. The unanswered questions of life will always follow us throughout the journeys of our lives, so let us in union try to figure out some questions within my book, “Eternal Truth: The Tunnel Of Light.”


Ann Marie Ruby


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