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Twin Flames and Eternal Love

“With you, for you, I am.
Without you, for you, I am lost.
For with this union, we are
The twin flames throughout eternity.“

-Ann Marie Ruby

The break of dawn and early morning mist, are my heavenly gifts found upon Earth. Within the foothills of Mount Rainier, these are gifts we the neighbors enjoy if we are able to awaken at the first call of dawn. As the biggest and brightest star, the sun, glitters its magical rays upon Earth, the mist hiding within the leaf evaporates. Sparkling like sprinkles of hope, they sing to each other, until we meet again. Yes, sweet dreams of finding my twin flame and being able to hide within his arms upon each dawn gives my journey through life a new meaning called hope.

Hope is love and blessings. Love is life’s eternal bliss, love is the eternal nectar of existence, love erases all pain. From beneath the ocean, she emerges. She creates a bridge over lands. She breaks the thunderous dark clouds to fade away and say to her beloved, she is, was, and always shall be his.


This is my faith and guide as I believe in twin flames and eternal love.

Yes, I believe love is immortal even though humans are mortal. For even when all is lost, love is found amongst nothing. Everything becomes alive within the minds of true lovers. United in life and death they are as I believe in reincarnation as a gift from the above.

Did I find my true love?

In my dreams, I have found him and I believe I will find him in the daylight hours as we are destined to meet within this life. Yet, it really does not matter who he is or where he is or what he looks like or not. For when it is time, we shall unite.

Love is magical and when the door of magic opens to me, I know he shall enter my life. Until it is time, I will keep the doors closed to all. It is all my faith and love for him that gives me the strength in faith and love. I have not found him, but I know my faith has found him.

Do I believe in twin flames?

Twin flames and eternal faith in twin flames are my prayers answered as they are my sacred blessings.

“Soul to soul, mind to mind, body to body, you call upon one another throughout eternity. The separation had given you your identity, yet in union you are complete.”

-Ann Marie Ruby (Page 65 Eternal Truth: The Tunnel Of Light)

From the oldest religion Hinduism through Abrahamic religions, we have a towering amount of evidence on twin flames. I have walked through the evidence within my book Eternal Truth: The Tunnel Of Light.

“In the beginning this was Self alone, in the shape of a person (purusha) […] But he felt no delight. Therefore a man who is lonely feels no delight. He wished for a second. He was so large as man and wife together. He then made this his Self to fall in two (pat), and thence arose husband (pati) and wife (patnî). Therefore Yâgñavalkya said: ‘We two are thus (each of us) like half a shell.’ Therefore the void which was there, is filled by the wife. He embraced her, and men were born (Müller 85-86).”

Müller, Max, trans. The Upanishads Part II, (Sacred Books of the East, Vol. 15). Oxford: The Clarendon Press, 1884. Web. 14 Apr. 2019.

-Ann Marie Ruby (Page 75 of Eternal Truth: The Tunnel Of Light)

All existence upon this Earth have walked through love and pain, as this road we walk upon does not come easy.

Yet, love in itself is the biggest prayer answered to all.

I love watching dawn appear through the night skies, and I know with all my faith, dawn shall break open as the glowing rays of the sun come pouring down upon Earth. The glowing sun shines upon the blue skies as hope, and prayers are answered. I never lose hope that dawn shall come, for even on a thunderous stormy day, dawn breaks open. Just like dawn, I believe my twin flame will knock upon my door when it is time. Never shall I give up hope for I know, just like my prayer, “Where there is hope, there is a way.” Until then, I keep my candles of hope glowing.

I would ask all of you to believe in true love and blessings.

Never bring any negativity or bad karma within this circle. The mind, body, and soul should always be clean and sin free for this blessed journey through eternal love. Never hold on to any bad karma or anyone who does not belong to you for twin flames will find one another and their journey will continue throughout time only for one another.

This Earth has brought on sin and negativity through the will and wants of the evil mind, body, and soul. Remember not to hold on to what is not yours or go after what belongs to another. Theft of a thing or a mind or a body is theft. What is yours will come back to you and what is not, will fly away. Remember like the blessed word karma, a boomerang also comes back to his or her owners. When you have found the direct connection between one another, this will never get cut off, as this connection lives beyond time and tide.

“Your Body is away from me,
but there is a window open
From my heart to yours.”

Yes, like the great Sufi Poet Rumi, I too believe in leaving the doors and windows of my heart open for only him. Never open the door to the wrong person for who never belongs in the home will only rob you of everything you have and never give it back. Do not rob anyone’s inner love and do not allow anyone to rob yours.

Twin flames are two souls who pull one to the other.

It matters not how much one tries to keep them apart, they will find one another through the journey of life. This journey through life is a blessed love story in itself.

Each night, the moon appears to her beloved Earth even through the storms of life. Gloriously glowing from afar, noticed or not, she cares not, for her love is to shine upon all lost and stranded souls. She shines upon all people searching for a glowing light to guide themselves through the night. The moon glows and shines for her love for all is enough for her to last throughout eternity.

Like the glowing moon, you too keep your lights glowing for your twin flame.

Near or far, he or she is also praying upon a bright star to awaken you. These calls from the true lovers never go unheard as you and your twin flame can hear them throughout eternity.

Today, if you are going through a hard time because you have landed upon a catastrophic pandemic, do not worry for your inner love shall guide you and all out of this storm. I know if you are capable to love your twin flame, then you are capable to love one and all. Find the child who needs guidance, the woman who is lost, or the elderly person who needs a strong hand for support, for within all of them your true love is found.

“Love is all we have, the only way that each can help the other.”


When will I know it is true love?

We must walk upon the path and keep going.

The road is endless until our journey ends. The path and we the passengers will end up at our destination somehow, some way. We get lost and redirected throughout this journey. Yet when the diary of life is completed, it shall have the answers to our questions. We just need to keep on writing the diaries of our lives as we move on forward. The answers are at times known to us and at times are unknown, yet we satisfy ourselves through our lives lived. With complete faith, you will know as will your twin flame for the union in itself will be the answer to your question.

For me personally, I do know for I am a blessed dream psychic and yes the answer to this question was shown to me.

A blessed dream from my diary,

I had seen I was walking on the sand of a beach where the water touched my feet. The people were strangers. I was walking alone and watched the twinkling lights shine upon the skies. A glow of light came down upon me as I watched a stranger walking on the same sand. I saw the light grow and knew The Holy Spirit asked me, ‘Do you know the person?’ I told him, ‘Yes I do, I know he is still asleep and does not know anything about me.’ The Holy Spirit told me, ‘He shall awaken and you will unite. It’s with hope everything is.’

My dreams have guided me throughout my life as they have also predicted the catastrophic pandemics we the humans are facing today. I know and believe in hope as the only door to survival as she holds on to us as we should hold on to her too. With the union of hope and her believers, the path is created and found.

Twin flames and eternal love are found throughout eternity.

Life is mortal but love is eternal as are hope, faith, and belief. Throughout the journey of life, we the humans find miracles in the form of love. I had always believed where love is found, nothing is lost. Even an ocean can’t drown the true lovers as their innocent love keeps them floating throughout time. Like a shining star or fresh bulbs of white lilies, love blooms throughout time.

Let your inner soul accept true love and express this through patience and virtue. Like a prayer and a candle, let this be sin free, pure and clean.

Remember time and tide passes by but true lovers guide from the past, guiding the present lovers, as hope for the future lovers.

Be the blessed soul of the pure innocent twin flame for only your twin flame. Be happy for all twin flames united.

For all of you who keep on asking how long will I wait for him?

My life is a blessed journey where I have found my Creator as my guide. My Creator has bestowed upon me faith, honor, and love. For me personally, no time or tide can make any difference, not one lifetime or seven. I believe nothing can keep me away from my twin flame as I don’t believe in the distance of time or place. I only believe in twin flames and eternal love for my belief in my Creator and the blessed words are my faith and blessings.

As mentioned in my book Eternal Truth: The Tunnel Of Light, here is a quote from the Holy Bible.

“And the rib, which the Lord God had taken from man, made he a woman, and brought her unto the man. And Adam said, This is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh: she shall be called Woman, because she was taken out of Man. Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh.”

-King James Version, Genesis 2:22-24.

At sunset each day, I light my candles of hope for my beloved to find his way to me. For me, hope and faith are my candles of hope glowing. May hope and faith gift you all, your twin flames and eternal love.


Ann Marie Ruby


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